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Glazewski J. (ed.), Esterhuyse S. (ed.).
Claremont: 2016. ISBN 9781485118183.
Hydraulic Fracturing in the Karoo: Critical Legal and Environmental Perspectives explores a broad-ranging set of questions related to proposed hydraul...

Moran A., Kennedy A.
Cape Town: 2018. ISBN 9781485126256.
Increased international investment and accelerating economic growth in Africa in general and in Anglophone Africa mean that businesses located both wi...

Thompson H.
Cape Town: 2006. ISBN 9780702167324.
This work is intended primarily to reflect the law dealing with water resource management and the provision of water services in South Africa. The law...

Kidd M., Couzens W.F., Glazewski J., Ridl J.A., et al.
South Africa
The South African Journal of Environmental Law and Policy is a peer reviewed journal which publishes contributions related to environmental law and po...

Du Plessis A.
Claremont, Cape Town: 2015. ISBN 9781485100508.
Environmental Law and Local Government in South Africa is the first work of its kind to extensively analyse South African environmental law and policy...

Andreas Klees.
Cape Town: 2011. ISBN 9780702185458.
Environmental Law provides a comprehensive and succinct examination of the entire environmental law landscape in South Africa. The second edition incl...

Andreas Klees.
Cape Town: 2014. ISBN 9781485106661.
The South African electricity sector is changing. An increasing number of independent power producers are involved in the generation sector and a ‘hyb...

Jackie Dugard, Asuncion Lera St Clair, Siri Gloppen.
Claremont, Cape Town: 2013. ISBN 9781485100645.
This book fills some of the gaps in climate change scholarship by focusing on the climate narratives emerging in and around South Africa – how they re...

Marne Pienaar, Eleanor Cornelius.
Stellenbosch: 2018. ISBN 978-1-928314-40-0.
This dictionary of interpreting terminology is aimed at people who are being trained as interpreters, interpreter trainers, people who work as interpr...

Len Hansen, Pieter Coertzen, M. Christiaan Green.
Volume 2: Stellenbosch: 2015. ISBN 9781919985633.
Published version of papers given at the second conference of the African Consortium for Law and Religious Studies (ACLARS), held in Stellenbosch, Sou...
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