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Meki Nzewi, Odyke Nzewi.
Book 3: South Africa: 2009. ISBN 9781920355029.

Meki Nzewi, Odyke Nzewi.
Book 2: South Africa: 2009. ISBN 9781920355012.

Meki Nzewi, Odyke Nzewi.
Book 1: South Africa: 2009. ISBN 9781920355005.
The study of African music must be grounded in indigenous African knowledge systems, thus making it truly representative of indigenous Africa's intell...

Shiraz Durrani.
Kenya: 2018. ISBN 9789966189011.
Kenya's War of Independence restores Kenya’s stolen history to its rightful place, stripped of colonial interpretations. In this expanded and revised ...

Mbaye A., Golub S.
South Africa: 2018. ISBN 9781775822240.
The informal sector is a major source of income and employment in all developing countries and particularly so in Africa. In low-income economies in A...

Mager A.
South Africa: 2018. ISBN 9781775822257.
In rural South Africa today, there are signs that chieftaincies are resurging after having been disbanded in colonial times. Among these is the amaTsh...

Mesthrie R., Bradley D.
South Africa: 2018. ISBN  978-1-77582-227-1.
This book of selected papers from the Congress will provide an up-to-date specialist overview of the main fields of Linguistics. The papers will broad...

Kemp G., Watney M. M., Terblanche S. S.
South Africa: 2017. ISBN 9781485119456.
The second edition of this bilingual "Criminal Procedure Casebook" provides the reader with excerpts of judgments that illustrate the most important a...

Gideon van Dyk.
Stellenbosch: 2016. ISBN 978-1-920689-95-7.
"Military Psychology for Africa" is the first textbook of its kind from Africa. Selected authors with competent military psychology knowledge, skills,...

Piet Naude, Beyers Naude Centre for Public Theology.
Matieland: 2017. ISBN 978-1-928357-15-5.
"The public rationality of Christian faith is demonstrated in the way that Christian convictions make contributions to the contents and substance of i...
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