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Louis C. Jonker .
Stellenbosch: 2019. ISBN 978-1-928314-52-3.
A nostalgic journey rises from the pen of prof. Louis C. Jonker on his own remembrance and longing for the teachers who helped shape him, his own awak...

Gerhard Mare (ed.).
Volume 13: Stellenbosch: 2019. ISBN 978-1-928480-14-3.
There is global evidence that “ghosts” of notions of essentialist differences between human “groups” continue to haunt in various forms. People draw u...

Stellenbosch: 2019. ISBN 978-1-928314-58-5.
A shared interest of law and religion is the advancement of human flourishing, yet there is no cos mmon understanding of what it means for humans to f...

Hennie Smit, Jacques Bezuidenhout (ed.).
Stellenbosch : 2019. ISBN 978-1-928480-10-5.
The book presents the reader with chapters celebrating the scope, reach and impact of themes researched by military geoscientists. The first topics un...

Bertelsmann E., Calitz J., Evans RG et al.
Cape Town: 2019. ISBN 9781485126591.
The tenth edition of Mars: The Law of Insolvency has been revised by a team of eleven authors to include developments in the law of insolvency and ass...

Haidee Kruger.
South Africa: 2019. ISBN 9780994710482.
Haidee Kotze (formerly Haidee Kruger) is the author of Lush: Poems for Four Voices (Protea, 2007) and The Reckless Sleeper (Modjaji, 2014). She is a r...

Ayanda Billie.
South Africa: 2019. ISBN 9780994710437.
Ayanda Billie was born in 1975 in KwaNobuhle, Uitenhage, and has lived there all his life. He works as a quality inspector at Volkswagen SA in Uitenha...

Jo-Ann Bekker.
South Africa: 2019. ISBN 9781928215783.
Jo-Ann Bekker is a South African writer whose stories have appeared in Volume 1 Brooklyn, New Contrast, Itch, The Drum, Type/Cast and Problem House Pr...

Mangaliso Buzani.
South Africa: 2019. ISBN 9780994710468.
Mangaliso Buzani grew up in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth, and later trained as a jeweller in Tshwane. His first collection Ndisabhala Imibongo (Imbizo...

Chris Thurman.
Johannesburg: 2010. ISBN 9781868145126.
Sport versus Art is a collection of essays, commentaries, personal memoirs and humorous pieces attempting to answer these and other questions about a ...
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Anarkulov T.
Karekte kalgan elester.
Gigov N.
Tainata na Orfei.
Strugatskii A.N., Strugatskii B.N.
Polnoe sobranie sochinenii v 33 tomakh.
Mangasarian R., Grigorian M.
Molokane. Malen'kaia Rossiia na severe Armenii.

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