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Pauw J.
Cape Town: 2017. ISBN 9780624083030.
Investigative journalist Jacques Pauw exposes the darkest secret at the heart of Jacob Zuma’s compromised government: a cancerous cabal that eliminate...

Philippa Hobbs, Elizabeth Rankin, Peter Clark.
Cape Town: 2014. ISBN 9781775841616.
"Listening to Distant Thunder: The Art of Peter Clarke" recounts an artist's life in the context of the social history of South Africa from the 1940s....

Haji Mohamed Dawjee.
South Africa: 2018. ISBN 978-1-77609-266-6.
Haji Mohamed Dawjee became Africa’s first social media editor in a newsroom at the Mail & Guardian, where she went on to work as deputy digital editor...

Fincham G.
Claremont: 2011. ISBN 9781919895284.
In recent years, the work of Zakes Mda - novelist, painter, composer, theatre director and film-maker - has attracted worldwide critical attention. As...

Nathan L.
Claremont: 2013. ISBN 9781775820758.
Why have the countries of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) struggled to establish a viable security regime? Why has SADC been unable ...

Huchzermeyer M.
Claremont: 2011. ISBN 9781919895390.
The UN’s Development target to improve the lives of 100 million ‘slum’ dwellers has been inappropriately communicated as a target to free cities of sl...

Potts D.
Claremont, South Africa: 2011. ISBN 9781919895970.
This book is an authoritative and insightful analysis of migration patterns and trends in sub-Saharan Africa. A key objective of the study is to show ...

Higgs P., Waghid Y.
Cape Town: 2017. ISBN 9781485117070.
A Reader in Philosophy of Education attempts to deepen and widen the philosophical thinking of its readership in and about education. At the same time...

Downie L.
Cape Town: 2017. ISBN 9781485119364.
Since 1994 there has been a surge in private land ownership by low-income citizens in South Africa. Approximately a third of residential properties re...

Boggenpoel Z.T.
Cape Town: 2017. ISBN 9781485126355.
The new constitutional order has brought about substantial changes to the application of property remedies in South African law. Property Remedies inv...
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