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9 документов найдено:

Karine Joseph.
Morocco: 2008. ISBN 9789954885147.
This is the illustrated story of a Scottish artist whose remarkable talent and sensibility were magnificently inspired by his love for Morocco. James ...

Amina Aouchar, Stefano Ciannella.
Mohammedia: 2007. ISBN 9789954494011.
Amina Aouchar has an M. A. in history, a doctorate in history at Toulouse-le Mirail University, and a State doctorate at Bordeaux III University. She ...

Mohamed A. Berrada.
Mohammedia, Maroc: 2006. ISBN 9789954838396.
"The more my airplane got closer to its destination, New Delhi, the more I wondered about my life, and about the reasons that had made me flee from it...

Mehdi de Graincourt.
Mohammedia, Morocco: 2005. ISBN 9789954838365.
The major moments of Al-Shaykh Al-Akbar’s life are related in the first person. The author becomes a scribe and steps aside in order to let the word o...

Omar Sayed, Ileana Marchesani, Karine Joseph, et al.
Morocco: 2011. ISBN 9789954885192.
The amazing story of the Moroccan musical band Nass el Ghiwane is related for the first time. Omar Sayed’s story is backed by accounts and articles by...

Jean-Michel Andre.
Mohammedia, Morocco: 2009. ISBN 9789954494110.
Jean-Michel Andre is an Art photographer who has travelled all over Morocco to present a contemporary vision of one of the country realities, that of ...

Toni Maraini.
Mohammedia, Morocco: 2007. ISBN 9789954494035.
Toni Maraini recounts her life in Morocco, her reflections on the country traditions and her meetings with the most remarkable Moroccan artists and in...

Yasmina Filali.
Mohammedia: 2005. ISBN 9789954838372.
In a sad, rainy day, a young woman accepts a dinner invitation reluctantly. Nothing makes her expect that her destiny is taking shape and will sit at ...

Mohammed Mrabet, Simon-Pierre Hamelin, William Kutz.
Casablanca: 2009. ISBN 9789954885178.
The short stories of the Tangier writer Mohamed Mrabet, blend tales of extraordinary, dream inhabiting creatures with the experiences of his exception...

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