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Alexander Albrecht, Vladimir Godar (ed.).
Bratislava: 2018. ISBN 9790685030232.
Alexander Albrecht's songs document not only his personal development from a children's composition inspired by classicist or early romantic songs to ...

Andrej Stafura, Martin Culik, Stefan Nagy.
Bratislava: 2018. ISBN 9788097254117.
The book is a fully bilingual interdisciplinary scientific monograph. It contains knowledge about the influence of individual woody plants, individual...

Bratislava: 2018. ISBN 9788097042059.
The proceedings consists of a set of papers from the 18th Czech-Slovak Filmological Conference, which took place from 12 to 15 October 2017 in Krpacov...

Pauhofova I. et al.
III: Bratislava: 2018. ISBN 9788071442905.
The ambition of the third book that analyzes the context of income polarization in Slovakia, is to contribute to the expansion of knowledge in the are...

Sebesta J.
Bratislava: 2018. ISBN 9788097143077.
A romance with a touch of utopia and science fiction. After successful books for young people When a Dog Laughs and Venussha (Hard Week), the author w...

Bindzar J.
Bratislava: 2018. ISBN 9788089504169.
A novel by Juraj Bindzar, a two-time Anasoft Litera finalist. [...] In a village on the Slovak-Moravian border, Catholics, Evangelicals, Jews and Czec...

Hvozdikova V., Lichner I. et al.
Bratislava: 2018. ISBN 9788071442981.
The book represents the first comprehensive output summarizing the interim results from the initial two research stages of the VEGA project no. 2/0182...

Izrael P.
Bratislava: 2018. ISBN 9788056106242.
The [book] aims to reflect the basic issues associated with the theory of the audience, namely the perspective of the functions of the media, selected...

Jenca I.
Bratislava: 2018. ISBN 9788056105948.
The book that we offer to radio journalists, students, marketers, managers, employees of PR agencies, as well as others interested in radio broadcasti...

Feranec J., Otahel J., Kopecka M., Novacek J., Pazur R.
Bratislava: 2018. ISBN 9788022416481.
The monograph is the result of long-term cooperation of the Institute of Geography of the Slovak Academy of Sciences on pan-European CORINE land cover...
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