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Ivana Guljasevic.
Zagreb: 2013. ISBN 978-953-56494-5-8.
The fairy-tale author's picture book follows three not at all frightening dragons in preparation for Christmas, which they read about in a book from t...

Pavao Pavlicic.
Zagreb : 2018. ISBN 978-953-14-2302-1.
The praise of age is a series of essays - or feuilletons - about various phenomena characteristic of the third age, where the topic is approached in a...

Jelena Sesnic et al.
Zagreb : 2017. ISBN 978-953-175-596-2.
The collection of essays ranges over a number of themes, grouped into the following sub-sections: Geographies of Imagination; Croatia, America, Histor...

virna karlic.
ZAGREB: 2017. ISBN 9789531756419.

Neven Vulic.
Zagreb: 2020. ISBN 9789533581965.
Through the lives of four men - a father, grandfather, tenant and daughter of a boyfriend, Neven Vulic carefully creates a story that reflects today's...

Petra Ljevak.
Zagreb: 2020. ISBN 9789531694476.

Mladen Medved.
Zagreb: 2019. ISBN 9789538281129.
The author gives a critical overview of interpretations of the emergence of capitalism in Western Marxism. Transition theories are placed in the intel...

Ruza Fotiadis, Vladimir Ivanovic, Radina Vucetic (ed.).
Zagreb: 2019. ISBN 9789538281112.
The history of food is not only the history of food, but the history of material life and mass culture, consumerism and everyday life. The history of ...

Nikola Greb.
 2020. ISBN 9789532574333.
Nikola Greb is a young psychologist who is convinced that the development and strengthening of virtues are the answer to the problems that plague mode...

Andy Jelcic, Eva Menasse.
Zagreb: 2019. ISBN 9789532862386.
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