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Zoran Tuckar, Stjepan Vrecko.
Zagreb: 2020. ISBN 9789538292071 .
For the first time since Croatian independence, a book was written about the contemporary music scene which, far from the big media, has left (and sti...

Lada Martinac-Kralj.
Zagreb: 2020. ISBN 9789533553863.
A novel.

Andriana Bencic Kuznar.
Zagreb: 2020. ISBN 9789532228366.
The idea of establishing moral judgments and, therefore, a notion of morality faces a methodological difficulty that has always posed a philosophical ...

Miranda Levanat-Periсiс, Tomislav Oroz .
Zagreb: 2020. ISBN 9789532228151.

Jasminka Tihi-Stepanic.
Zagreb: 2020. ISBN 9789533553764 .
A Novel.

Zrinka Barisic Marenic.
Zagreb: 2020. ISBN 9789537703363 .
A monograph is dedicated to the work of architect Zoja Dumengjic, a prominent protagonist of modern architecture who worked in Croatia during the mid-...

Dragan Jurak.
Zagreb: 2020. ISBN 978953260365.
The book of literary essays by Dragan Jurak was written as a novel, and compiled as a collection of poetry.

Durdica Cilic.
Zagreb: 2020. ISBN 9789532603668.
"Fafarikul" is a collection of hundreds of stories, anecdotes and memories, which share the willingness of the narrative subject to speak unequivocall...

Alan Caplar.
Zagreb: 2020. ISBN 9789531426770.
Croatian mountains certainly have a special place on the map of Croatia. Although they do not stand out with the height of their peaks, and there are ...

Nenad Vekaric.
Zagreb: 2019. ISBN 9789533470047.
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