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B'chvarova S.
T.5: Sofiia: 2017. ISBN 9786192290092.
This is the fifth and last novel in Svoboda Buchvarova's series "Target Land". On the eve of World War II, Boris Skarlatov Jr. tries to look into the ...

B'chvarova S.
T.4: Sofiia: 2017. ISBN 9786192290085.
This is the fourth novel in Svoboda Buchvarova's five-novel series "Target Land". Free trade, civilization, and progress lose their significance after...

B'chvarova S.
T.3: Sofiia: 2017. ISBN 9786192290054.
This is the third novel in Svoboda Buchvarova's series "Target Land". After the death of his father, young Boris is torn between the desire to follow ...

B'chvarova S.
T.2: Sofiia: 2017. ISBN 9786192290078.
This is the second novel in Svoboda Buchvarova's series "Target Land". On the eve of the First Balkan War (1912-1913), the Bulgarian economy is stable...

B'chvarova S.
T.1: Sofiia: 2017. ISBN 9786192290061.
This is the first in a series of five novels by Svoboda Buchvarova, published under the common title "Target Land". After its liberation from Ottoman ...

Igov A.
Sofiia: 2017. ISBN 9786191863761.
A novel by contemporary Bulgarian author Angel Igov. It is a work of intellectual fiction which captures the drama of the generation of the Eighties, ...

Antonova N.
Sofiia: 2017. ISBN 9789544112394.
A novel about Bulgarian freedom-fighter Vassil Levski (1837-1873). It tells about Levski's ill-fated love for a woman and looks into unknown aspects o...

Sofiia: 2017. ISBN 9789543985203.
A selection of stories by one of Bulgaria's greatest writers, Elin Pelin (1877-1949). The book includes over 50 of Pelin's best works on more than 400...

Koen L.
Sofiia: 2017. ISBN 9786191642601.
This novel by Bulgarian writer and diplomat Lea Cohen is about real-life persons, events, and machinations. Drawing on the recollections of a woman na...

TSekova B.
Sofiia: 2017. ISBN 9786197280524.
A novel by contemporary Bulgarian author Bozhidara Tsekova. She says: "I am not a member of a hunters' club and I have no impressive hunting stories t...
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