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Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789545154560.
The dynamic changes taking place in the world are making it ever more difficult for us to identify with our past, to observe the customs of our commun...

Todorov TS.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786197282108.
This is a study by Bulgarian linguist and ethnographer Tsvetan Todorov (1899-1962), not to be confused with the famous Bulgarian-French philosopher, l...

Tuleshkov N.
Sofiia: 2008. ISBN 9789548931397.
The book examines the origins and the essence of medieval Christian and Muslim architecture. It analyzes the main construction concepts espoused by th...

Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786199107683.
The 100-page book presents 50 historical and cultural landmarks in various parts of Bulgaria and includes as many stickers which you can use to mark t...

Zografova K.
Sofiia: 2019. ISBN 9786192350321.
This is a study on the great Bulgarian poet Peyo Yavorov (1878-1914), his love dramas, political causes, poems, passions and mysteries. The depths of ...

Dobrev I.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789540744841.
The book is dedicated to the 80th birthday of Bulgarian linguist Ivan Dobrev, a Corresponding Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Dobrev's co...

Azmanova-Rudarska E.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789543206377.
The biography of Bulgarian poet, playwright and literary critic Ivan Grozev (1872-1957) is essentially a story about the "hidden" part of Bulgarian li...

Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789543263639.
This is a collection of articles marking the 60th birthday of award-winning Bulgarian novelist and essayist Emilia Dvoryanova. The articles, some of w...

Doinov P.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789545331718.
The study explores the succession of generations in Bulgarian poetry between 1956 and 1989. It starts with the so-called "April generation," named aft...

Anchev P.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789540912882.
This is a complete, multifaceted portrait of Dimitar Talev (1898-1966), one of Bulgaria's classic writers. The study presents Talev not only as a nove...

Prof. V. Angelov.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786191682201.
The book presents absurdism in Bulgarian art as a creative approach which is not new but has been largely ignored by critics, estheticians and culturo...

D-r Gancho TSenov.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786197444100.
The author Gancho Tsenov (or Gantscho Zenow, 1870-1949) was a Bulgarian historian based in Germany and writing in German. In this book he maintains th...

Beron P.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786197496086.
A new luxury phototype edition of "Riben bukvar" with updated text. It is published on the occasion of the 220th anniversary of the birth of Dr. Peter...

Genov A.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786190008156.
Megalithic monuments have been studied extensively because of their omnipresence in certain regions of the world and because of the exciting mystery o...

Popova V.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786190102991.
This is a book about the history and the theory of photography with a philosophical twist. Photography is described as a constellation of themes which...

Genov N.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786190103776.
The book offers an up-to-date synthesis of ideas from hundreds of sociological writings published in various countries between 1975 and 2018. Based on...

Adolf Kokh.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786197496109.
Adolf Koch is a Lutheran chaplain, a palace pastor of Prince Alexander I. At the end of December 1879, before Christmas, he arrived in Bulgaria at the...

Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786197496154.
"Letters of Levski" is the first independent edition of the Apostle, containing a phototypical part and text, a luxurious hardcover edition. Through i...

Nedelchev N.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789547832763.
In this book Bulgarian military historian Nencho Nedelchev reflects on important events in the recent history of Bulgaria and the world. He doesn't cl...

Tutev I.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 978954320644.
This book is a cry of the soul and a document of broken illusions. Its author Ivan Tutev (1902-1981) was proclaimed "an enemy to the people" in commun...

Boshnakova M., Kovachov V.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786190102212.
The book is about Vladislav Kovachov (1875-1924), one of the most ardent advocates of the idea that the only feasible, correct and lasting solution to...

CHorbadzhiiski M.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786197496093.
This unique collection of retouched and colorized historical photographs breathes new life into the era of the Third Bulgarian Kingdom (1878-1946). Th...

Markova Z.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789540912394.
The study is about a rebel force set up in 1868 to incite an all-Bulgarian uprising against Ottoman Turkish rule. After being formed and trained in Ro...

IAnev S.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789540912424.
The book is about Bulgarian revolutionary Peter Bonev (1837-1876). Based in the southern town of Perushtitsa, Bonev was one of the leaders of the 1876...

Lefterov ZH.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786192330248.
The monograph enters uncharted territory as it traces the history of the Universal White Brotherhood during the communist era in Bulgaria (1944-1989) ...

Genov I.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789547912779.
In this book, the author Ivan Genov looks into the future and shows the transition to a second-generation Homo sapiens. The new human beings will have...

SamBat Imen.
Kn.1 Svit'k 1: Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789545783517.
Bulgarian history didn't start with Khan Asparuh or with his father Kubrat. Nor did it start in 165 AD, when Aga Ruzha solidified his position as the ...

Volgin P.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789547422551.
In this book, longtime Bulgarian National Radio journalist Peter Volgin challenges the status-quo and speaks about the world in a way which is very di...

Bogachov B.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789547339781.
Boris Bogachev, who retired from the Soviet army in 1984 as a much-decorated colonel, tells his story of the hell that was the Eastern Front during Wo...

D-r Gancho TSenov.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786197444094.
The author Gancho Tsenov says in the introduction: "The early history of the peoples on the Balkan Peninsula is still unclear... If the newly arriving...

Georgi St. Georgiev.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786197496048.
This is arguably the most remarkable book of military memoirs in Bulgarian literature. When it was first published in 1935, it became an absolute best...

Dimitrova V.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786190103134.
The book explores the impact of hygiene and medicine on people's lives and on poverty in the period between the two World Wars. Poverty seemed like a ...

IAnakiev IA.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789545154522.
You may have heard people reminiscing about the past and exclaiming: "Those times were so wonderful!" But when you think about it, you realize that th...

Toshev T.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786191642861.
A novel by journalist Tosho Toshev, longtime editor of one of Bulgaria's foremost daily newspapers, "Trud". The publisher of the book says: "Many thin...

Tachev S.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786197496024.
Readers of this book will get immersed in the passions and the dramas of Bulgaria in 1885, shortly after its liberation from Ottoman Turkish rule. The...

Barbar O.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786197496031.
The author Otton Barbar was a Bulgarian military officer of Polish descent. Among the many books about the Balkan Wars of 1912-1913, Barbar's memoirs ...

Stoianov A.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789542826835.
One hundred and forty years after Bulgaria was liberated from Ottoman rule as a result of the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878, the clash between the tw...

Bechev D.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786190103257.
Researchers and politicians nowadays point out that Russia is back on the world stage. The country is involved in a big geopolitical game in which the...

Zlatarski V.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9786192390310.
The book highlights the difficult process of forging a new relationship between Bulgaria and Romania in 1913-1914 against the backdrop of the unsettle...

Taskov K.
Sofiia: 2018. ISBN 9789548277594.
Those who usurped power in Bulgaria after the fall of communism in 1989-1990 and left the Bulgarian people at the mercy of their enemies, either they ...
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