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Serifoglu E.
Istanbul: 2017. ISBN 9786055275389.
15th Istanbul Biennial from September 16-December 11, 2017.

Cubukcu A.
Istanbul: 2017. ISBN 9786054399635.

Evren Sureyya.
Istanbul: 2016. ISBN 9786059606028.
As a Marxist-feminist and an immigrant herself, Yalter focuses extensively on the subject of immigration. She documents the struggles of migrant worke...

Asim A.
Cilt 1,2: Istanbul: 2015. ISBN 9789751738097; 9789751738103; 9789751738110.
Based on the manuscripts 6014, 6018 of the Istanbul University Rare Works Library, Turkish manuscripts. Transcribed from the Ottoman Turkish.

Rifat N. Bali.
Istanbul: 2021. ISBN 9786257900744.
One of the most frequently mentioned newspaper bosses in Turkish press history is Halil Lutfu Dorduncu (1893-1972). This work, on the one hand, brings...

Mustafa Galib (Baysanli).
Istanbul: 2021. ISBN 9786257900720.
The painful years that passed until the Constitutional Monarchy and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire afterwards have been named by some authors as a...

Oguz Cabar.
Istanbul: 2021. ISBN 9786257900713.
This book aims to examine the effects of the Celali Revolts -a series of rebellions in Anatolia- in the 17th century Ottoman transformation period. Th...

Evrim Sencan Gurtunca.
Istanbul: 2021. ISBN 9786257900706.
Woman in Turkey with its History and Fortune... This book was written with the question of whether a woman's history determines her fortune or her for...

Muhammet Nuri Tunc.
Istanbul: 2021. ISBN 9786257900676.
The Hurfat Notebooks have a great importance in terms of foundation and city history studies with the information they contain about the Ottoman court...

Merve Durmus.
Istanbul: 2021. ISBN 9786257900683.
The Democrat Party was founded on January 7, 1946, during the long-lasting single-party rule in Turkey. He came to power on May 14, 1950, after four y...
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