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Jerusalem : 2018. ISBN 9781602803220.
Yosef's behaviors, interpersonal relationships, and personal development are often difficult to understand, and at times seem to defy explanation. Thi...

Menashe Har-El .
Jersualem: 2018. ISBN 9789652208941.
The national boundaries of the Land of Israel and its tribes and surrounding nations are discussed at length in this profusely illustrated volume. Emp...

Ronald Lee Eisenberg .
Jerusalem : 2019. ISBN 9789655243000.
Requiring no specialized medical or Jewish knowledge to appreciate this book, Jews in Medicine documents the fascinating history of medical contributi...

Yardeni Ada.
Jerusalem : 2018. ISBN 9789652208996.
The National Hebrew Script up to the Babylonian Exile is Ada Yardeni s last contribution to the field of Hebrew and West-Semitic palaeography. This ne...

Bar-Levav Ariel et al.
Jerusalem : 2018. ISBN 9789652273536.
A tribute to Yosef Kaplan;Collected articles

Elisha Qimron.
Jerusalem : 2019. ISBN 9789652174130.
The Dead Sea Scrolls are the most fascinating archaeological findings of the century. They contain many Hebrew texts from the second Temple period. Th...

Holzaer Lior (ed.).
Jerusalem: 2019. ISBN 9789659165032.
The purpose of this research is to publish a manuscript of the treatise Sefer Habri’a (The Book of Creation), written in 1670 by Rabbi Avraham Binyami...

Ben Noon Chemi (ed.).
Jerusalem : 2019. ISBN 9789659271146.
Shlomo Giora Shoham (born in 1929), scholar, received the Israel Prize in the category of Criminology Research.

Cohen Jonathan (ed.).
Jerusalem: 2019. ISBN 9789657008232.

Podol'skii B.
Ierusalim: 2018.
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