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Orit Esther Riter.
New York: 2015. ISBN 1937887448.

Julie Jansen.
New York: 2003. ISBN 0142002488.

National Conference of Synagogue Youth, Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America.
New York

Badri B., Tripp A. M.
London: 2017. ISBN 9781783609086.
Balghis Badri is a professor of social anthropology and director of the Regional Institute for Gender, Diversity, Peace and Rights at Ahfad University...

Abdullah I., Rashid I.
London: 2017. ISBN 9781786991683.
Ibrahim Abdullah was until recently a professor of history at Fourth Bay College, University of Sierra Leone. He has published extensively in the area...

Huggins C.
London: 2017. ISBN 9781786990006.
Chris Huggins is an assistant professor at the School of International Development and Global Studies, University of Ottowa, as well as being an adjun...

Palmer I., Moodley N., Parnell S.
London: 2017. ISBN 9781783609642.
A timely study of the South African government’s efforts to improve access to public services and the lessons this holds for global development strate...

Burakovskii A.
Boston: 2017. ISBN 978-1-940220796.
Книга исследований А.Бураковского исторически охватывет 30-летний период трансформации социально-политической жизни Украины, начиная с распада СССР, и...

Jonuel Goncalves.
Lisboa: 2017. ISBN 9789897022951.

Minette Mans.
Basel, Switzerland: 2017. ISBN 9783905758832.
Minette Mans is a Namibian born academic, previously Associate Professor in the field of music, dance and education. She has published several books a...
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