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Kenneth D Wald .
Cambridge: 2019. ISBN 9781108708852.
American Jews have built a political culture based on the principle of equal citizenship in a secular state. This durable worldview has guided their p...

Yalew Amsalu Woldie.
Springer: 2020. ISBN 9783658294120.
Amsalu Woldie Yalew attempts to address the direct and indirect economic effects of climate change, adaptation costs, and adaptation finance in develo...

Adrienne L. Childs.
New York: 2020. ISBN 9780847866649.
Riffs and Relations: African American Artists and the European Modernist Tradition presents works by African American artists of the twentieth and twe...

Donald Bogle.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 2019. ISBN 9780762491414.

Lizelle Bisschoff .
Abingdon-on-Thames: 2019. ISBN 9780415425681.
Women in African Cinema: Beyond the Body Politic showcases the very prolific but often marginalised presence of women in African cinema, both on the s...

V. Tarikhu Farrar.
Lanham, Maryland: 2020. ISBN 9781793606426.
The idea of an inherent backwardness of technology and material culture in early sub-Saharan Africa is a persistent and tenacious myth in the scholarl...

Nathaniel Perry .
San Francisco, CA: 2020. ISBN 9781389441189.
he Parliament of South Africa is a bicameral legislature, consisting of the National Assembly and National Council of Provinces (NCOP). The Parliament...

Keith Somerville .
Abingdon : 2019. ISBN 9781138558038.
This book places lion conservation and the relationship between people and lions both in historical context and in the context of the contemporary pol...

Daniel A. Frese.
Leiden: 2020. ISBN 9789004416666.
In The City Gate in Ancient Israel and Her Neighbors, Daniel A. Frese provides a wide-ranging portrayal of one of the most prominent social institutio...

Anders Breidlid, Austin M. Cheyeka, Alawia Ibrahim Farag (eds.).
Volume 4: Leiden: 2015. ISBN 9789463001946.
This volume is the result of academic cooperation between scholars in Norway, Sudan, Zambia, and South Africa linked to a master’s program in internat...
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