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Niam-Osor N.
Ulaanbaatar: 2012.

Todko Samson.
Gutgaar devter: Ulaanbaatar: 2020. ISBN 978-99192-0-371-9; 9789919203719.
This is the final part of a series of novels under the general title "Chamd heng itgeh yum bae?" (Who will believe you?).

KHurelbaatar L., ZHamsranzhav G. (Emkhetgesen).
Ulaanbaatar: 2020. ISBN 978-99978-72-30-2; 9789997872302.
Portrayal of Bogd Jebtsundamba Khutuktus. XVII-XX Centuries Introduces the portraits of Bogd Jebzandamba Reincarnates kept by the Mongolian Fine Art M...

Zhamsranzhavyn Gerelbadrakh (Duutan.).
Ulaanbaatar: 2006. ISBN 978-99929-0-651-4; 9789992906514.
Analysis of a nineteenth century Mongol document assigned the title "Ene nigen debter amui", held by the National Archives of Mongolia, with Latin scr...

Enkhzhargal U., TSolmon S. (Emkhetgesen).
Ulaanbaatar: 2006.
The eponymous primary source of the history of Mongolia of the 17th century is kept in the National Library of Mongolia. The first part of the book br...

Batmonkh B.
Ulaanbaatar: 2020. ISBN 978-99192-0-522-5; 9789919205225.
A book about the history of the Sutai uulyn somon of the Khantayshir uulyn aimag (1921-1931), and according to the current administrative division, th...

Dagdan D.
Ulaanbaatar: 2019.
Mongolian and foreign scientists, researchers, historians put forward their version of who is the author of the Secret Legends of the Mongols.

Batzhargal S.
Ulaanbaatar: 2020. ISBN 978-99192-0-407-5; 9789919204075.
The book is dedicated to young people who start their life and are eager to create.

Odmandakh M.
Ulaanbaatar: 2020. ISBN 978-99192-0-566-9; 9789919205669.
The book contains a report and notes from a research trip across the Dornod (Eastern) aimak, as well as background information about historical and cu...

Baiarsaikhan D., Biambaragchaa G., Galbadrakh B.(Emkhetgesen).
Ulaanbaatar: 2020. ISBN 978-9919-9550-9-0; 9789919955090.
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