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KHodzhaeva N. Dzh.
Dushanbe: 2017.
The monograph is a comprehensive study of the historical geography of Central Asia in the pre-Islamic period. Application of written sources, as well ...

Rakhimov R.K., Dovgiallo IA.P., IUsufbekov IU.R.
Dushanbe: 2017. ISBN 978-99975-55-65-6; 9789997555656.

SHarapov N.
Dushanbe: 2017.
The state of the country's insurance market is examined in the monograph, taking into account the existing legal framework for the organization and fu...

Abdulkhonov F.M.
Dushanbe: 2017. ISBN 978-99975-55-15-1; 9789997555151.

Tom 5: Dushanbe: 2017.

Rakhmanov B.R.
Dushanbe: 2016.
The monograph deals with the "eastern" novels of the Romantic erawritten by O.I. Senkovsky, D.P. Oznobishin, Th.V. Bulgarin, A.A. Bestuzhev-Marlinsky ...

Bekzoda S.
KHudzhand: 2017.
The author on the basis of archaeological finds proves that in reality the ancestors of the Tajiks, the Aryans, who once lived in the territory of anc...

Abdurashidov A .
Toma 1,2,3,4,5,6: Dushanbe: 2017. ISBN 978-99947-2463-7; 9789994724637.
Shashmaqam is a Central Asian musical genre (typical of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan) which may have developed in the city of Bukhara. Shashmaqam means t...

KHuchand: 2016. ISBN 978-99975-47-43-9; 9789997547439.
The book tells about the great people of the Tajik people.

Samarkandi A.KH.
KHuchand: 2009. ISBN 978-99947-47-27-6; 9789994747276.
This book is one of the valuable sources of teaching and Hanafi jurisprudence, which played an important role in spreading the religion of Imam Aizam ...
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