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Imanghazina B.
Almaty : 2017. ISBN 978-601-7828-80-6; 9786017828806.
The novel "Taukymet", tells the story of a beautiful and talented Kazakh girl, who at the age of seventeen was disabled due to a blood transfusion. Th...

Aubakirova ZH.
Almaty: 2019. ISBN 978-601-7588-00-7; 9786017588007.
The book of the famous pianist Zhania Aubakirova is a lively and frank story about music and the profession, observation of vivid and emotionally rich...
Kniga izvestnoi pianistki ZHanii Aubakirovoi - eto zhivoi i otkrovennyi rasskaz o muzyke i professii, nabliudeniia za iarkimi i emotsional'no nasyshchennymi, v...

Tansari D.
Almaty: 2020. ISBN 978-601-7588-34-2; 9786017588342.
This manuscript has already been read by many people. The reaction was as varied as the people reading it. These are journalists, and human rights act...

Masimov K.
Nur-Sultan : 2019. ISBN 978-601-7513-96-2; 9786017513962.
In his book, Dr. Masimov provides a detailed overview of the main milestones in the development of artificial intelligence, and then goes on to the cu...
V svoei knige doktor Masimov predstavliaet podrobnyi obzor osnovnykh vekh razvitiia iskusstvennogo intellekta, a zatem perekhodit k tekushchemu primeneniiu II ...

Tursunov E.
Almaty: 2020. ISBN 978-601-06-6161-5; 9786010661615.

Almaty: 2020. ISBN 978-601-04-4619-8; 9786010446198.

Abdiraiym Baghlan.
Almaty : 2019. ISBN 978-601-06-5946-9; 9786010659469.
Gambling games are one of the diseases that have become the main disease in the process of globalization in the Kazakh society. The book tells the sto...

Erqasym U.
Almaty : 2020. ISBN 978-601-06-5640-6; 9786010656406.
Thin nerves, weak will, bad character ... Striking hair, tears from the eyes. What is this for the head, which you have not seen ?! I do not regret th...

Egizbaev ZH.
Almaty: 2019. ISBN 978-601-04-4175-0; 9786010441750.

Amanzholov U.S.
Almaty : 2020. ISBN 978-601-04-4503-1; 9786010445031.
2nd edition. The book includes selected works of Professor Sarsen Amanzholov, covering general linguistics, the Kazakh literary language and modern Ka...
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