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Lasha Bakradze.
Tbilisi: 2020. ISBN 978-9941-30-490-3; 9789941304903.
This book was intended for a large audience – both for those who love cartography, and for those who are particularly interested in depictions of Geor...

dat'o turasvili.
t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 978-9941-30-565-8; 9789941305658.
This lavishly illustrated book prizes Georgia’s wine and its 8000-year tradition of viticulture. The bestselling contemporary Georgian author Dato Tur...

t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 978-9941-480-48-5; 9789941480485.
The book includes works by the famous Georgian artist Esma Oniani. Contains description.

aleksandre elisasvili .
t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 978-9941-487-57-6; 9789941487576 .
The book includes 50 interesting stories about old Tbilisi.

erik li.
t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 978-9941-8-2104-2; 9789941821042.
The book describes the uprising of Georgian soldiers on Texel Island.

t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 978-9941-487-51-4; 9789941487514.
The book about the life and work of the great scientist Ekvtime Takaishvili.

Kakabadze Vazha .
Tbilisi: 2020. ISBN 978-9941-8-2102-8; 9789941821028.
The book describes the attitude of Armenians to people living in the Caucasus, especially Georgians, Ossetians and Azeris; their politics, past and pr...

kanasvili t'amar.
t'bilisi: 2019. ISBN 9789941817922.
For the first time in Georgia, Georgian reality-based practical stories about motivation, self-development, sales, and positive thinking that can chan...

inanisvili givi.
t'bilisi: 2019. ISBN 9789941961540.
The paper discusses the problematic issues of the emergence and development of prehistoric and historical Colchis bronze production. The technical and...

patarize ramaz.
t'bilisi: 2018. ISBN 9789941293542.
With this popular scientific publication you will be able to get acquainted with the history of the Georgian alphabet and solve the mysteries of the p...
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