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t'evzaze gigi.
t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 9789941306723.
Philosophers have been refining their ways of "going out and observing" for centuries. Therefore, most of the experience of critical thinking is accum...

eliava t'emur.
t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 9789941312526.
"Do not march, move now, this is a swing where all luck and unhappiness are absorbed! Where they dig the seas, water the seas, and know the weight of ...

turasvili dat'o.
t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 9789941306785.
In this book, which is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Georgian advocacy, Dato Turashvili recalls important moments in the history of Georgian l...

geronti kikoze.
t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 978-9941-8-2673-3; 9789941826733.
Monograph by the famous historian Geronti Kikodze about the Georgian king Irakli II.

lado pocxua.
t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 978-9941-8-2784-6; 9789941827846.
The book includes the author's memories of Abkhazia and the departure from Abkhazia after the war.

javaxaze vaxtang.
t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 9789941312403.
Vakhtang Javakhadze has been publishing letters, memoirs, notes and conversations in the Georgian press for decades. This time the poet compiled these...

alimonaki leri.
t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 9789941312410.
The book consists of 2 parts: "Liturgy of the Week" - this is a psychological-existential novel about the life and poetry of Terence Granell, or rathe...

iat'asvili sot'.
t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 9789941323843.
Shota Iatashvili's "Beginner" is a strange, outdated and, at the same time, very timely novel. It is not at all strange in terms of form, and continue...

karcxaze jemal.
t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 9789941323980.
The novel takes place in medieval Georgia, and the narrator is an Italian traveler who arrives in Georgia with European missionaries. Antonio and Davi...

zozrasvili tariel.
t'bilisi: 2020. ISBN 9789941321283.
This book is dedicated to those chosen children of the Georgian nation, who without hesitation sacrificed their lives, spent all their strength and ta...
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