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qoranasvili g.
t'bilisi: 2017. ISBN 978-9941-463-54-9; 9789941463549.
Life and activity of Giorgi Saakadze, a Georgian politician and military commander who played an important but contradictory role in the politics of t...

vardosanize s.
t'bilisi: 2017. ISBN 978-9941-9534-2-2; 9789941953422.
The book tells about the history of the Orthodox Church of Georgia from March 1917, when the Georgian church managed to restore autocephaly. The editi...

taqaisvili e.
IV tomi: t'bilisi: 2017. ISBN 978-9941-463-65-5; 9789941463655.
This volume is dedicated to the archaeological expedition to Samegrelo.

taqaisvili e.
III tomi: t'bilisi: 2017. ISBN 978-9941-463-63-1; 9789941463631.
Ekteim Takaishvili is an outstanding historian of Georgia. The third volume is dedicated to the archaeological expedition of Lechkhumi-Svaneti in 1910...

elisasvili a.
t'bilisi: 2017. ISBN 978-9941-470-61-5; 9789941470615.
"What made me decide to write this book? When reading the books about the history of Tbilisi one thing we can point out is that they tell us the polit...

melasvili t'.
t'bilisi: 2017. ISBN 978-9941-470-70-7; 9789941470707.
Collected stories about the Germans who lived in Georgia. They talk about the relationship between two countries, Germany and Georgia.

panpilovi o.
t'bilisi: 2017. ISBN 978-9941-238-80-2; 9789941238802.
The collection of articles by the famous journalist Oleg Panfilov is dedicated to one of the most dangerous weapons of Russian imperialism - ideologic...

zazanasvili n.
t'bilisi: 2017. ISBN 78-9941-463-79-2; 9789941463792.
The Russian culture is truly great, its form-content is definitely diverse, deep and variable in time. The essence, largely devoted to the cinematic o...

t'bilisi: 2017. ISBN 978-9941-463-67-9; 9789941463679.
180 short stories about the famous Georgian writer and public figure Ilia Chavchavadze.

gegesize g.
tomi 6: t'bilisi: 2017. ISBN 978-9941-24-437-7; 9789941244377.
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