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osanaze nat'ia.
t'bilisi: 2021. ISBN 9789941313578.
When, in a woman’s life, the past turns into a caged bird, it means it is time for war. Natia Osanadze's "Purple Bird" is dedicated to this war, which...

mxeize ana.
t'bilisi: 2021. ISBN 9789941328732.
Ana Mkheidze's work will definitely be a discovery for many - a discovery, both as a writer in general and as a woman creator in particular, who, at t...

pircxalava nato.
t'bilisi: 2021. ISBN 9789941974861.
The turning point in NATO paintings is any event, special occasion or idea, in this book the reader will find interesting stories, which reflect the f...

gurgenisvili mariam.
t'bilisi: 2021. ISBN 9789941328848.
15-year-old Margo lives in Svaneti, dreams of pineapples, reads a lot and notices everything that others do not see. Her life is full of petty miracle...

dekanozi levan mat'esvili.
#1: t'bilisi: 2021. ISBN 9789941328374.
This paper describes landmark events in the history of the Church - the founding, the struggle for establishment, the service and development of the b...

cxeize guram.
t'bilisi: 2021. ISBN 9789941499036.

 2021. ISBN 9789941813153.
In the book you will get acquainted with the history of Lechkhumi, historical-architectural monuments, ethnography, nature, villages of Lechkhumi, com...

davit' jiskariani.
t'bilisi: 2021. ISBN 9789941832406.
A book about the players of the Dynamo football team. Some were sacrificed to repression, some even became Chekists. Unknown stories are told in the ...

zaal samadasvili.
t'bilisi: 2021. ISBN 9789941307515.
The collection of stories is a kind of biography of Tbilisi, starting with Alexander Duma and ending with the author's own memories.

zurab ciaberasvili.
t'bilisi: 2021. ISBN 9789941308659.
Zurab Chiaberashvili's letters are an example of how to look at the problem and describe the problem so that you can see the possibility of solving it...
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