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Belashov A.I.
Kniga 2: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskii: 2006. ISBN 5-96100-070-2.
The second book on the XIXth-century history of the Petropavlovsk and Kamchatka Eparchy contains facts and contemporaries' evidence as well as opinion...
$24.00  Special price: $12.00

Nikitina N.G., Polikarpova E.M. (ed.).
Tom 1: IAkutsk: 2006. ISBN 5-7696-2385-3.
$22.00  Special price: $11.00

Nomokonov V.A. (ed.).
Vladivostok: 2006. ISBN 5-74441-796-6.
The edition was written by the authors' collective with participation of the Vladivostok Center for the Study of Organized Crime and the Center for th...
$21.60  Special price: $12.00

Rubleva L.I.
IUzhno-Sakhalinsk: 2005. ISBN 5-88811-144-9.
$17.10  Special price: $9.00

Romanovskaia E.S.
Magadan: 2006. ISBN 5-89678-127-X.
The monograph contains methodological and intentional aspects of analysis of poverty, disparity, and vulnerability of households in the access to esse...
$27.00  Special price: $13.50

Levkin G.G.
KHabarovsk: 2006. ISBN 5-94961-025-1.
The book is based on previously unpublished documents and materials, which narrate on the struggle of the Soviet armies against Japanese intervention ...
$17.10  Special price: $8.55

Lebedintsev A.I. (ed.).
Magadan: 2006.
The outstanding research legacy by S.P.Krasheninnikov, a merited Russian scholar, is used by modern researchers as a source of ample data and basis to...
$31.50  Special price: $15.00

Beliaeva N.A., Troitskaia N.A. (ed.).
Vypusk 3: Vladivostok: 2005.
$22.00  Special price: $11.00

Karimov B.R.
IAkutsk: 2004. ISBN 5-7513-0627-9.
Human and oecumenic approaches serve as the basis for the study of the current issues related to the development of nation, problems of national state...
$15.00  Special price: $7.50

Lebedintsev A.I. (ed.).
Magadan: 2004. ISBN 5-94729-061-8.
Archival and museum data, results of the field research and memoirs serve as the basis for the authors' elucidation of the history of the Magadan Regi...
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