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Ibrahim Abdullahi.
Lagos: 2020. ISBN 9789785829730.
Judicial pronouncements on issues relating to jurisdiction in Nigeria are on the increase and cases are often lost on jurisdictional grounds, while br...

Francis Ejiroghene Waive.
Lagos: 2020. ISBN 9789785739794.
This book describes Reverend Francis Waive's journey getting elected to Nigeria's National Assembly, where he now is the member representing the peopl...

Sonpie Kpone-Tonwe.
Abuja: 2021. ISBN 9789785769685.
The Ogoni of the Eastern Niger Delta are an ancient African community in Southern Nigeria, whose history dates back to BC times. Their history is rich...

Michael Odibeoha.
Abuja: 2019. ISBN 9789785544855.
The Nigerian federal character principle was first introduced in the 1979 Constitution (and retained in the 1999 Constitution) as practical solution o...

Tunde Adeniran.
Abuja: 2020. ISBN 9789785800807.
Against the backdrop of a globalized world, with the key players having to contend with the changing nature of power in international relations and Af...

Mutiat T Oladejo (ed.).
Lagos: 2020. ISBN 9789789818808.
Good governance is an index of human development. What constitutes good governance is holistic and gender issues are key components in the formation a...

Clement A Ogunlade (ed.).
Lagos: 2020. ISBN 9789789818815.
This book is a multidisciplinary exposition of how scholars from various disciplines research food. The chapters unravel the crosscutting themes in th...

Charles Aluede (ed.).
Lagos: 2021. ISBN 9789785829785.
From ancient to contemporary times, music in the area known as Nigeria has passed through different stages of transmutation. Primarily transmitted thr...

Oluleye S. Tunji .
Abuja: 2020. ISBN 9789789212088.
The Atlas of Retinal Diseases in Nigerians is an attempt to document common retinal diseases seen by the author over the past 20 years. The book is in...

Badejo Babafemi A.
Shogunle: 2020. ISBN 9789789799909.
Administrative Officials left by the departing British officials and in collaboration with some technocrats who were later joined by politicians opted...

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