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Nkwazi Nkuzi Mhango.
Cameroon: 2018. ISBN 9789956550272.
This book on decolonising education chastises, heartens and invites academics to seriously commence academic and intellectual manumission by challengi...

Munyaradzi Mawere, Ngonidzashe Marongwe, Fidelis Peter Thomas Duri.
Cameroon: 2018. ISBN 9789956550869.
Munyaradzi Mawere is a Professor in the Simon Muzenda School of Arts, Culture and Heritage Studies at Great Zimbabwe University. He holds a PhD in Soc...

Soede Nathanael Yaovi, Patrick U. Nwosu, Akiti G. Alamu.
Cameroon: 2018. ISBN 9789956550036.
This book explores the resacralisation of space on the mountains, highlighting how humans and the divine interact in Yorubaland. It brings into conver...

Rolene Miller.
Cameroon: 2018. ISBN 9789956550159.
Rolene Miller is a Clinical Remedial Teacher, Social Worker and is the Founder Member of Mosaic. From 1995 until 2005 she was the Executive Director w...

Munyaradzi Mawere.
Cameroon: 2018. ISBN 9789956550982.
It is common knowledge that development without security is like a runaway horse. Yet, development in Africa has been plagued by insecurities since th...

Elaine R. Salo.
Mankon, Bamenda: 2018. ISBN 9789956550265.
Elaine R. Salo, a feminist scholar and public intellectual, trained in anthropology at the University of Cape Town, completing her PhD at Emory Univer...

Shadrach A. Ambanasom.
Mankon, Bamenda: 2013. ISBN 9789956728299.
In 2009, Anglophone Cameroon literature celebrated its fifty years of existence. Now at the mature age of fifty plus this literature has a great deal ...

Lilian Lem Atanga.
Mankon: 2013. ISBN 9789956791750.
Lilian Lem Atanga holds a PhD in Linguistics and English from the University of Lancaster, UK; an MA in Linguistics from the University of Jos, Nigeri...

Adaku T. Ankumah.
Mankon: 2014. ISBN 9789956792993.
This prolific collection of essays, with contributions from scholars from across several disciplines, on the practice and implications of naming - Nom...

George Atanga.
Bamenda: 2014. ISBN 9789956791958.
George Atanga was born in Cameroon, where he did his education, passing through CPC Bali, CCAST Bambili and the University of Yaounde. He did language...

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