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Kniga 2: Gorno-Altaisk: 2004.
The work presents results of the long-term study on the history of Altaic literature. The second volume offers character sketches of six outstanding A...

M.: 2003. ISBN 5-89554-263-8.
Due to the edition the readers have a wonderful opportunity to learn more about programs of development of local government in Kazakhstan. Russian exp...
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M.: 2000. ISBN 5-7000-0006-7.
This book presents a restoration of the unique edition that was published in Moscow in 1852. It includes information on all Russian churches and monas...

Formozov A.A.
M.: 2000. ISBN 5-7859-0114-5.
The author analyzes all statements of A.Pushkin connected with antiquities and researches and compares them with modern idea of archaeology of the XIX...

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