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Vypusk 7: Voronezh: 2019. ISBN 978-5-9273-2754-6.
The collection of works considers various aspects of the problem of literary universals both in the theoretical aspect and on specific material primar...

Nazarenko E.IU.
Voronezh: 2014. ISBN 978-5-9273-2153-7.

Potanina N. (ed.).
Vypusk 7: Tambov: 2016. ISBN 978-5-89016-649-4; 978-5-905763-76-2.
The book includes proceedings of reports that examine the specifics of the reflection of spiritual traditions in the languages and literature of the S...

Kovalev G.F. (ed.).
Vypusk 34: Voronezh: 2018. ISBN 978-5-1292-0165-8.
The book is published marking the 200th anniversary of the great Russian writer I.S. Turgenev.

Iriskhanova O.K. (ed.).
Vypusk 32: M.: Tambov: 2018. ISBN 978-5-89016-442-1; 978-5-00078-195-1 .
This festschrift is a tribute to the memory and love of Elena Samoylovna Kubryakova, an outstanding linguist.

Mozgova G.G.
Kniga 4: Vladimir: 2018. ISBN 978-5-88363-275-6.

Vypusk 7: Tver': 2019. ISBN 978-5-6040897-5-0.
The publication includes articles and reports on the analysis of the plot potential of time in literature and art.

Alekhina E.V., Dvukhzhilova I.V., SHCHerbinin P.P.
Tambov: 2015. ISBN 978-5-00078-055-8.
Monograph is dedicated to understudied aspects of correlation of government and society during the World War I 1914-1918 based on the example of patri...

Voronezh: 2018.

SHkliarevskii A.A.
Vypusk 7: Voronezh: 2018. ISBN 978-5-913-38-159-0.
Alexander Andreevich Shklyarevsky (1837-1883) was a Russian fiction writer, founder of "criminal romance" genre (detective story) in Russia. The first...

Budakov V.V.
Tom 7: Voronezh: 2018. ISBN 978-5-4446-0436-6; 978-5-4446-1233-0.
The book includes poetic and prose cycles. Victor Budakov (1940-) is a novelist, poet, translator and essayist. He is Honored Cultural Worker of the R...

Akin'shin A.N. (ed.) .
Vypusk 25: Voronezh: 2018. ISBN 978-5-7458-1301-6.
The collection of articles is about the multifaceted aspects of administrative, socio-economic, church, socio-political and cultural life of the Voron...

D'iakov D.S. (ed.).
Part 9: Voronezh: Tambov: 2018. ISBN 978-5-4420-0708-4.

Vypusk 15: Voronezh: 2018. ISBN 978-5-4446-1262-0.

Rastorguev V.N. (ed.).
Tver': 2019.
This book of the series includes essays about a number of music and dance masters who are closely related to the region with their lives and creative ...

Voronezh: IUzhno-Sakhalinsk: 2017. ISBN 978-5-6040391-2-0.
This book is a continuation of the book Along the Ground of thousands of islands: Kuril expedition 1946.

TSintsadze N.S.
CHast' 2: Tambov: 2018. ISBN 978-5-00078-172-2; 978-5-00078-173-9.
Based on papers from the funds of federal archive depositories of Moscow and St. Petersburg and on the published sources, the second volume of trilogy...

Endovitskii D.A.
Voronezh: 2017. ISBN 978-5-9273-2542-9.
The book is about the creation and development of military education in one of the oldest universities in Russia, Voronezh State University.

ZHitenev A.A., Frolova A.V., Ternova T.A., et al.
Voronezh: 2018. ISBN 978-5-4292-0159-7.
The subject of the study is the poetry books of the 1990-2010s, written by Voronezh poets of different generations and aesthetic preferences.

Babina L.V. (ed.).
Vypusk 33: M.: Tambov: 2018. ISBN 978-5-89016-442-1; 978-5-6040457-5-6.
The collected papers of all-Russian scientific conference with international participants cover various directions of cognitive research in the humani...

Boldyrev N.N. (ed.).
Vypusk 34: M.: Tambov: 2018. ISBN 978-5-89016-442-1; 978-5-6040651-4-3.

Iriskhanova O.K. (ed.).
Vypusk 35: M.: Tambov: 2018. ISBN 978-5-89016-442-1; 978-5-00078-221-7.

Kovshova M.L. (ed.).
Vypusk 36: M.: Tambov: 2019. ISBN 978-5-89016-442-1; 978-5-00078-239-2 .

Filonenko S.I. (ed.).
Voronezh: 2018. ISBN 978-5-00044-644-7.

Abrosimskii I.M.
Voronezh: 2019. ISBN 978-5-4420-0718-3.
The book is about the life and creative path of Viktor Viktorovich Budakov (1940-) who is a prose writer, poet, translator, publicist, Honored Worker ...

Voronezh: 2018. ISBN 978-5-89609-552-1.
The album includes works by artists who in their work reflected the originality and beauty of Voronezh, its historical places, as well as a whole gall...

Voronezh: 2018. ISBN 978-5-89609-529-3.
The book presents biographies and destinies young people who led the Komsomol of the Kominternovsky district in different years. It also includes arch...

Ternova T.A. (ed.).
Voronezh: 2018. ISBN 978-5-00044-635-5.
The book includes articles, the main topic of which was the problem of the reception of book in modern culture in the context of changes in the metho...

Voronezh: 2018. ISBN 978-5-91338-163-7.

Seliutin V.I. (ed.).
Voronezh: 2018. ISBN 978-5-4446-1175-3.
The conference discussed issues of local self-government, personnel policy in municipalities reforming and modern mechanisms for its implementation.

Serebriakova E.G.
Voronezh: 2018. ISBN 978-5-6040396-9-4.
The monograph analyses cultural and social identity of the Soviet non-conformists of the 1960-1970s. The author explores the ideological grounds, beha...

Berezutskii V.D.
Voronezh: 2018. ISBN 978-5-00044-663-8.
The book discusses the origins of falsifications, the basic techniques of falsification and their examples. A detailed description of the basic method...

Kutarev M.I.
Voronezh: 2018. ISBN 978-5-7458-1284-2.
Marking the 350th anniversary of the split of the Russian Orthodox Church, the 100th anniversary of the February bourgeois and October socialist revol...

Sokolinskaia IU.M.
Voronezh: 2018. ISBN 978-5-4446-1124-1.

Tambov: 2018. ISBN 978-5-9909670-9-0.

Tambov: 2018. ISBN 978-5-9909670-7-6.
The purpose of the conference was the exchange of modern scientific information in the field of research of the life and work of the composer, a synth...

Frolov N.
Vladimir: 2018. ISBN 978-5-8311-1158-3.

Avrekh A.L.
Tambov: 2018. ISBN 978-5-00078-198-2.
The book is based on a variety of documentary sources a significant part of which has been introduced into the scientific use for the first time.

Dronova N.P.
Tambov: 2018. ISBN 978-5-00078-176-0 .
Liya Solomonovna Kaufman was professor at Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavina, Doctor of Philology, Excellence in Education 1918-2016.

ZHikharev V.I.
Tambov: Voronezh: 2018. ISBN 978-5-907132-22-1 .

Frolov S.A.
Tambov: 2018. ISBN 978-5-00078-187-6.

Zakharova V.D.
Briansk: Orel: 2019. ISBN 978-5-89436-248-9.
Popular science edition consists of essays based on documentary, memoir, epistolary sources. There are new archive materials. The description is accom...

SHCHerbinin P.P.
Tambov: 2018. ISBN 978-5-00078-230-9.
Monograph considers features of formation and development of the system of social welfare and maintenance of «children of misfortune» (orphans, foundl...

Bredikhin V.E.
Tambov: 2017. ISBN 978-5-00078-165-4.
Monograph presents the comparative analysis of staff policy of AULYCL during mature and late Stalinism. Personnel of the union and its control are obj...

Solovei V.S.
Tambov: 2018. ISBN 978-5-6040458-7-9.

Drobzhev M.I.
Tambov: 2018.
The book of memoirs by Mikhail Ivanovich Drobzhev (1929-), Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor, Honored Worker of Higher School of the Russia...

Meshcheriakov IU.A.
Tambov: 2018. ISBN 978-5-6040383-7-6.
Meshcheryakov Yuriy Albertovich (1962-) is a poet, prose writer, member of the Union of Writers of Russia, a veteran of the Afghan war.

Tambov: 2018. ISBN 978-5-6041550-9-7.

Ternova T.A.
Voronezh: 2018. ISBN 978-5-4420-0716-9.
The monograph tells about the characterization of marginality as the most important creative principle for the Russian literary avant-garde, the essen...

Voronezh: 2018. ISBN 978-5-9273-2620-4.
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