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Beijing: 2015. ISBN 978-7-5138-0929-0.
Chinese vegetarian healthy and easy to do, with beautiful pictures and concise text combined together to make the step presenting Chinese food and fla...

Zhou Shu Chun.
Xicheng: 2014. ISBN 978-7-119-08627-9.
Branch Source Book shops entities wholesale shop at the country's largest wholesale market of books located southwest of Beijing Book Wholesale Logist...

Fu Siyi.
Beijing: 2014. ISBN 978-7-5138-0251-2.
This teaching resource pack offers young learners an opportunity to explore China and its culture in a fun and engaging way. It includes a fully illus...

Dr.Yu Youjun.
Beijing: 2014.
This book uses the traditional Chinese literature Zhanghui Romance genre, the history of China's socialist ideology, history of the socialist moveme...

Wang Yao.
Beijing: 2013. ISBN 978-7-5104-4104-2.
It is prevalent not only in Tibet but in Sichuan, Yunnan, Gansu and Qinghai provinces. Wherever there are large communities of Tibetans, it is popular...

Beijing: 2014. ISBN 978-7-119-09170-9.
A book called the Encyclopedia of China's national conditions of visual books; a reading of China's IT platform through maps. graphs. charts and pictu...

Chris D. Nebe.
Beijing: 2015. ISBN 978-7-119-09340-6.
The main chapters of the book: Japan provoked the Sino-Japanese war, the colonial powers to control China, Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War eight y...

Ji Wei.
Beijing: 2014. ISBN 978-7-80200-644-7.
This book presents you with 69 easy recipes for famous, home-style Chinese dishes. Each recipe is accompanied by cultural tips, and some beginners' Ch...

Karry Brown.
Beijing: 2014. ISBN 978-7-119-08766-5.
This book is about one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing cities on the planet. It is about the city in a country that is involved in modernizati...

Pekin: 2015. ISBN 978-7-19-09483-0.
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