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1992: Minsk: 1993.
$6.00  Special price: 1.00

Labyntsau IU.
Minsk: 1991. ISBN 5-340-00843-6.
The book includes some original works by F. Skaryna.
$6.00  Special price: 2.00

SHyshyhina-Patotskaia K.
Minsk: 1993.
The book is devoted to one of the most ancient Belarusian towns, its history, monuments, museums, parks, architecture, famous people, etc.
$8.00  Special price: 2.00

Vypusk 1: Mіnsk: 1990. ISBN 5-340-00218-7.
Collection of materials on the development of Belarusian Literature: poetry of the XVII-XIX cc., letters by the "Nasha Niva" newspaper first editor, c...
$11.00  Special price: 3.00

Trusau A., Sobal' V., Zdanovich N.
Minsk: 1993.
Architecture and history of the well-known castle in Belarus. Photographs and pictures.
$10.00  Special price: 2.00

Nenadavets A.
Minsk: 1993. ISBN 5-338-00908-0.
A collection of articles on the new facts about the history of paganism in Belarus.
$9.00  Special price: 2.00

Minsk: 1993. ISBN 5-343-00742-2.
Phraseological dictionary of the vocabulary involved in works of Ia. Kolas, the famous Belarusian writer. The dictionary includes more then 6,000 arti...
$14.00  Special price: 2.00

Minsk: 1992. ISBN 5-343-01049-0.
One of the oldest genres of folklore: collection of spells used by the Belarusians in more than 1300 cases.
$9.00  Special price: 3.00

Minsk: 1996.
An edition prepared by the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Belarus including a review of the state of constitutional legality in RB in 1995.
$7.00  Special price: 1.00

IAdevich N., Gavrilenko V., Izotko V.
CHast` 4: Minsk: 1996. ISBN 985-6194-27-X.
$4.00  Special price: 1.00

1995: Minsk: 1995. ISBN 985-01-0079-6.
The yearbook includes astronomical data and information on the history of Belarus, folk holidays and religious fests, gives some advices and folk omen...
$8.00  Special price: 2.00

Minsk: 1994. ISBN 5-85700-108-0.
Reprint of the third volume of popular book Zhivopisnaia Rossiia which was published by the famous Russian scientist P. Semenov-Tian-Shanskii in the e...
$24.00  Special price: 3.00

Radyno IA., SHuba P., Antonevich A.
Minsk: 1993. ISBN 5-339-00916-5.
The dictionary includes basic mathematical terms.
$2.00  Special price: 1.00

Gaponenka V.
Mіnsk: 1993. ISBN 5-343-01243-4.
Biography of I.Iarkouski (1844-1902), the talented physicist.
$2.00  Special price: 2.00

Henіiush L.
Minsk: 1993. ISBN 5-340-00876-2.
Book of poetry of L.Heniiush (1910-1983), the famous Belarusian poetess repressed by the Stalin administration.
$10.00  Special price: 3.00

SHushkevіch S.
Mіnsk: 1988.
Book of poetry of S.Shushkevich (b.1908), the talented Belarusian poet. Collection includes different poems taken from books that were published in 19...
$6.00  Special price: 3.00

Savіk L.
Mіnsk: 1996.
Biography and creative activity of B.Kyt - a famous Belarusian mathematician, physicist, citizen of the US, member of the International Academy of Ast...
$9.00  Special price: 3.00

Martsinovich A.
Minsk: 1996. ISBN 985-02-0264-5.
Essays and literature critique about well-known Belarusian writers who emigrated from Belarus. The collection includes articles on general issues of d...
$9.00  Special price: 3.00

Arlou U.
Minsk: 1994.
History of Polatsk region of Belarus from the Vth till the XXth centuries. Some facts, public figures, events are described for the first time.
$12.00  Special price: 3.00

Minsk: 1996.
Different ritual games and entertainment in folk culture of the Belarusians: history, definition, significant features of most archaic versions. Some ...
$8.00  Special price: 3.00

Prots`ka T.
Minsk: 1996. ISBN 985-6234-12-3.
About Melkhisedek (1876-1931), metropolitan who was head of Minsk and Belarus ecclesiastical province in times of Stalins terror.
$4.00  Special price: 2.00

Minsk: 1983.
$9.00  Special price: 3.00

Ptashnikau I.
Minsk: 2000. ISBN 985-02-04696-6.
The novel and several stories from this book narrate about the tragic destiny of thousands Belarusian people, that perished during the horrible days o...
$22.00  Special price: $5.00

Levshun L.
Minsk: 2001. ISBN 985-6479-21-5.
The author of the book will carry the reader to the contradictory world of medieval East Slavonic culture. Despite the fact that the history of Old Ru...
$17.00  Special price: 5.00

Lyn'kou M.TS.
Minsk: 2002. ISBN 985-02-0535-0.
The book of the national writer Mihas Lynkov (1899-1975) includes the best stories.
$24.00  Special price: $5.00

Tom 9: Minsk: 2004. ISBN 985-08-0629-X.
$39.00  Special price: $9.00

Minsk: 2005.
$28.00  Special price: 6.00

Tetrad' 1: Vitebsk: 2005.
Published by Vitebsk Society named after I.L. Perets, in memory of Haim-Yerahmiel Robinson, Vitebsk 1920.
$19.00  Special price: $5.00

Vypusk 4: Minsk: 1994. ISBN 5-340-00937-8.
Collection of materials on the development of the Belarusian Literature: poetry of the XVIIth - XIXth centuries, letters of the first editor of "Nasha...
$11.00  Special price: 3.00

Vypusk 1: Minsk: 2006. ISBN 985-500-058-7.
Reports of three scholarly conferences held in Minsk in 2003-2005 covers a wide range of problems concerning Belarusian state and personal archives an...
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