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Bocharov S. G. (ed.).
Tom 2: Kishinev: 2019. ISBN 9789975319881.
The second issue of the collection of articles “Genoese Gazaria and the Golden Horde” is dedicated to the memory of an outstanding figure in Russian s...

Cristian Sandache.
Bucuresti : 2019. ISBN 9789731098586.
The nostalgia of St. Stephen. Hungary, Transylvanian Hungarians and the Transylvania issue (1918-1947). The book is an attempt to see how the Hungaria...

Garcia Marquez, Gabriel.
Bucuresti: 2004. ISBN 973-576-593-4.
The book was originally published in Spanish in 2002, with an English translation by Edith Grossman published in 2003. Living to Tell the Tale tells ...
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Banu G.
Volumul 3: Bucuresti: 2018. ISBN 978-606-43-0376-9; 9786064303769.
The author left his viewer status in order to cross the border that separates him from the stage and to offer fragmentary texts, texts for theatrical ...

Banu G.
Volumul 2: Bucuresti: 2018. ISBN 978-606-43-0375-2; 9786064303752.
The author explores this mythological space, which is the theatre a l'italienne, a place of dialogue between the stage and the hall regarding the soci...

Banu G.
Volumul 1: Bucuresti: 2018. ISBN 978-606-43-0374-5; 9786064303745.
The author offers an original connection between the theoretical study of the theatre and biographical experience, between the main issues brought up ...

Barba E., Savarese N.
Bucuresti: 2018. ISBN 978-606-43-0281-6; 9786064302816.
Where am I from? Who am I? Where am I going? To answer these questions, we must look from a different perspective on the countless forms, experience,...

Stancu I.
Bucuresti: 2018. ISBN 978-973-23-3291-7; 9789732332917.

Vilcu M.
Chisinau: 2019. ISBN 9789975146463.
Poems about life, love, nature, homeland that represent not only the fruit of the author's dream experience, but also the unforgettable dreams of the ...

Parii I.
Chisinau: 2019. ISBN 9789975129572.
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