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kolektiv autorov.
Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788089973439.
A collection of the best short stories of the 24th year of the traditional literary competition. Peter Hoferica won the main prize and the jury also a...

Ivanickova E., Reznik M.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788022417839.

Hasanova J., Simonova J., Marczyova K., Medelsky J., Pivacek M.
Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788073808013.

Horvath T.
Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788022417990.
The number of studies of the interpretation of individual literary texts, especially in relation to textual invariant - t. j. against their genre back...

Smihula D.
Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788020618511.
History contains a number of circumvented episodes, characters and mysteries. In the presented collection we will move freely from battle plans to pri...

Varackova М.
Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788055645841.
The new novel by Mirka Varackova, one of the most successful authors of Slovak young adult literature, winner of the Panta Rhei Awards for the Youth B...

Brestenska K.
Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788022022101.
The young Slovak author Brestenska K. gained great popularity with her trilogy from medieval England. She also remained faithful to the Middle Ages in...

Cervenak J.
Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788082010681.
The book contains the novel The Gate of Ghosts (in a slightly different form it was once published as a sequel to Pevnost magazine), the short story T...

Bodnarova J.
Bratislava: 2019. ISBN 9788081510816.

Bratislava: 2020. ISBN 9788089913527.
How do today's important Slovaks and Czechs perceive and feel friendship? Read happy, sad and maybe even touching confessions of different authors.
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