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Ramanaiah, J. (Jaisetty).
New Delhi: 2020. ISBN 9788170222231.
1.Temples of India, Kariimnagar. (District) 2.Architecture in India. Kariimnagar (District) 3.Architecture and society in India, Kariimnagar (District...

Mumbai: 2020.
1.Automobile industry and trade in India. 2. Exports in India.

Sury M.M.
New Delhi: 2020. ISBN 9788177085020.
1.Finance, Public in India. 2.Finance, Public. 3.India. Economic policy. 4.Economic policy.

Jenny Housego, Maya Mirchandani.
New Delhi : 2020. ISBN 9788194425779 .
1.Housego, Jenny. 2.Textile artists in India. Biography. 3.British India. Biography. 4.Textile crafts in India. Jammu and Kashmir.

Sasanka Perera.
Hyderabad: 2020. ISBN 9789352879953.
1.Visual anthropology in India. 2.Visual anthropology in Sri Lanka. 3.Visual sociology in India. 4.Visual sociology in Sri Lanka. 5.Photography in ant...

Kunj Bihari Ojha (ed.).
New Delhi: 2020. ISBN 9789389043471.

Monica Chaudhary.
Delhi : 2020. ISBN 9788173071775.
1.Human trafficking. Law and legislation in India. 2.Sex-oriented businesses. Law and legislation in India.

Abhishek Kumar (ed.) .
New Delhi: 2020. ISBN 9789388147293.
1.Economic development in India. 2.India. Economic policy.

Deepak Srivastava.
New Delhi: 2020. ISBN 9788176254090 .
1.Globalization in India. 2.India. Economic policy in 1991-2016. 3.Privatization in India. 4.World Trade Organization.

Seepana Prakasam (ed.).
New Delhi: 2020. ISBN 9788192102399.
1.Economic development in India. 2.India. Economic policy.
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