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Zaiats IU.
Minsk: 1990. ISBN 5-343-00484-9.
Results of archaeological research at Zaslavl. Collection of tiles of the XVth - XVIIIth centuries is presented.
$6.00  Special price: 1.50

Arashonkava H., Lemtsiuhova V.
Minsk: 1994. ISBN 5-340-01440-1.
The dictionary which includes more than 8000 Belarusian words and word combinations pays special attention to the orthography of geographical names, ...
$12.00  Special price: 3.00

Vysotskaia N.
Minsk: 1998. ISBN 9851101311.
This catalog contains the most significant plastic art works created between the 12th - 18th centuries and discovered by the restorers of Belarus. The...
$12.00  Special price: 10.00

Vypusk 1: Minsk: 1999. ISBN 985-6385-55-5.
General provisions on the classification system used in statistics. Methodological provisions on the system of national accounts, economic balances, s...
$42.00  Special price: $5.00

Minsk: 2002.
The edition presents a bibliographical index of research articles of L.Kiselevsky, one of the founders of plasma physics and plasma technology in Bela...
$16.00  Special price: 4.00

Minsk: 2004. ISBN 985-6673-93-3.
The word "righteous" received another meaning after the World War II. Those people who risked their lives and the lives of their dear ones to rescue t...
$25.00  Special price: 12.00

Minsk: 2004. ISBN 985-6056-87-X.
Scholarly materials on the problems of violence, terrorism and interethnic tolerance issues.
$16.00  Special price: 3.00

Minsk: 2004. ISBN 985-6056-86-X.
Book represents projects of planning activity experimental schools, structure and contents of programs and some poll results on the problems of intere...
$15.00  Special price: 3.00

Minsk: 2005. ISBN 985-6496-45-4.
$18.00  Special price: $4.50

Minsk: 2005. ISBN 985-500-018-8.
Topical problems of modern international relations, foreign policy and diplomacy of the Republic of Belarus are investigated in this edition. Modern t...
$16.00  Special price: 7.00
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