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Luanda: 1999.
In 1970, at eight years of age, she started to learn classical dancing at the Dancing Academy of Luanda, Angola. She completed the First Course of Dan...

Jonuel Goncalves.
Luanda: 2016. ISBN 9789897610998.
Jonuel Gonçalves (José Manuel Gonçalves) is the Member of the Tchiweka Association of Documentation (ATD), professor at the Universidad...

Associacao Tchiweka de Documentacao.
Luanda: 2009. ISBN 9782222226970.
This album commemorates the 80th birthday of Lucius Lara, a fighter whose life is intimately linked to the history of Angola in the second half of the...

Paulino Soma Adriano.
Luanda: 2015. ISBN 9789897610844.
Paulino Soma Adriano was born in the municipality of Caconda in 1982. He holds a PhD in Linguistics from the University of Evora, a Master's degree in...

Artur Pina.
Luanda: 2015. ISBN 9789897610417.
Artur Pina was born in 1974 in Sanza Pombo, Province of Uije. He took the Training Course of Teachers at the Instituto Medio Normal de Educacao (IMNE)...

Dya Kasembe.
Luanda: 2011. ISBN 9789898370549.
Dya Kasembe (literary pseudonym of "Amelia de Fatima Cardoso) was born in 1946 in Mumbondu-Muxima, Kisama municipality, Bengo Province. She obtained t...

Mbeto Monteiro Traca.
Luanda-Sul, Angola: 2013. ISBN 9789898528681.
Mbeto Monteiro Traca was born on May 8, 1941 in Sumbe, Angola. He fought during the National Liberation struggle and was a delegate of the MPLA, in Al...

Silvino Mazunga.
Luanda: 2011. ISBN 9789898370693.

Francisco Antonio Manuel "Lumbo".
Luanda, Angola: 2006. ISBN 9728934246.

Dia Kassembe.
Luanda-Sul, Angola: 2015. ISBN 9789897610240.
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