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Jama Musse Jama.
Volume 1: Somaliland: 2011. ISBN 9788888934181.
This first volume of Somaliland – the way forward documents the recent advances in Somaliland in peace, development, good governance and economic revi...

W.N. Herbert, Said Jama Hussein.
Somaliland: 2018. ISBN 9788888934631.
So At One With You is a groundbreaking anthology of the last fifty years of Somali poetry, and marks ten years of collaboration between Kayd Somali Ar...

Said Jama Hussein.
Somaliland: 2018. ISBN 9788888934587.
Said Jama Hussein is a well-known Somali scholar, intensely devoted to the promotion of the Somali language and culture. He is the author of "Shufbeel...

Helen Pickering, Ahmed Ibrahim Awale.
Somaliland: 2018. ISBN 9788888934570.
Introduction to Plants in Central Somaliland provides an introduction to some of the common native and naturalised plants found in Central Somaliland....

Martin Orwin.
Somaliland: 2018. ISBN 9788888934594.
The articles in this book are the result of the First Linguistics Workshop: Somali Language and Literature at the Hargeysa Cultural Centre in December...

Rashiid Sheekh Cabdillaahi.
Somaliland: 2018. ISBN 9788888934648.
A well-known Somali scholar, social scientist and literary critic, Rashid Sh. Abdillahi was born in Somalia in 1944. He graduated from the Cairo Unive...

Farah Gamute.
Somaliland: 2018. ISBN 9788888934471.
Born in 1953, and graduated from the Somali National University, with a BA degree from the Faculty of Education, Lafole, Farah Ahmed Ali 'Gamute' is a...

Badal W. Kariye.
 2013. ISBN 9781300978145.
Hii Kozi Kiswahili-Somali iliyochapishwa Tarehe 25 Juni, 1999 katika Nairobi, Kenya.

Badal W. Kariye.
 2013. ISBN 9781304332820.
A bilingual course book for all.

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