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Orlova IU.
Kiev: 2014. ISBN 978-966-8910-86-9.
The book written by Kiev resident Yulia Orlova - a member of the revolutionary events features a synopsis of historical events for the period of three...

ZHolob H., Koval' I., Stasiuk A.
Vypusk 2: Ivano-Frankivs': 2018. ISBN 978-966-668-445-8; 9789666684458.

SHevchuk T.
Kyiv: 2017. ISBN 978-617-7310-07-4; 9786177310074.
The publication contains folkloristic intelligence materials about the peculiarities of the functioning of the Ukrainian oral dream interpretation tra...

Kokotiukha A.
Ternopil': 2018. ISBN 978-966-10-5491-1; 9789661054911.
Detective novel.

9 dyskiv: Kyiv
One of the largest in the world collections of phonographic records of the Jewish musical folklore is stored at the Institute of the Manuscript of Ver...

Kononenko V. P.
Kyiv: 2018.
The monograph analyzes the practice of the UN International Court of Justice on territorial disputes, examines the concept of judicial precedent at di...

Laiuk M.
Kyiv: 2018. ISBN 978-617-585-146-3; 9786175851463.
The anthology presents selected poems by more than 70 most notable young Ukrainian poets, whose creative path (with few exceptions) began in the third...

Stetsyk V.
Kyiv: 2018. ISBN 978-617-7173-90-7; 9786177173907.
The author frankly speaks of fear, courage, a sense of unity and discord, which are likely to persecute everyone who was involved in the creation of t...

Hubernachuk S.
Kyiv: 2018. ISBN 978-966-136-564-2; 9789661365642.

Hnatyshyn O.
L'viv: 2018. ISBN 978-966-941-186-0; 9789669411860.

Drach O.
L'viv: 2018. ISBN 9786177192953.
A novel.

Bondar A.
L'viv: 2018. ISBN 978-617-679-587-2; 9786176795872.
The new collection of small prose by Andrii Bondar, which introduces readers to the weird world of small human adventures.

Ryshtun A.
L'viv: 2018. ISBN 978-966-2626-79-7; 9789662626797.
This is an edition about the journey of a man to the incomprehensible lands of the Carpathian Mountains, dungeons, tourist routes in Ukraine and abroa...

L'viv: 2018. ISBN 978-966-658-416-1; 9789666584161.
The collection includes the pastoral letters of Kyr Iosyf Slipyi and his correspondence with the sisters of Mercy from the period of his exile in the ...

Laiuk M.
L'viv: 2018. ISBN 978-617-679-575-9; 9786176795759.
The author of the book is a prose writer, poet, PhD in philosophy and literature (His debut novel, "Bubernia" (2016), entered the final of the BBC Boo...

L'viv: 2018. ISBN 978-617-679-651-0; 9786176796510.
In this collection of essays famous Ukrainian intellectuals -historians, politicians, journalists, religious and public figures share their views on U...

L'viv: 2018. ISBN 978-617-679-643-5; 9786176796435.
Collection of short prose by modern Ukrainian writers.

Serniak L.
L'viv: 2018. ISBN 978-617-679-591-9; 9786176795919.
Collection of poetry about moving ahead by young talented author.

Obertailo H.
L'viv: 2018. ISBN 978-966-97746-0-6; 9789669774606.
The author of the book is a participant of ATO Volodymyr Brun'kovsky (pseudonym Gregory Obertailo). It is a front-line story, which shows the problems...

Salo O-R.
L'viv: 2018. ISBN 978-617-629-472; 978617629472.

Omel'ianovych-Pavlenko M.
Ivano-Frankivs'k: 2018. ISBN 978-966-668-440-3; 9789666684403.

Tarnavs'kyi M.
Ivano-Frankivs'k: 2018. ISBN 978-966-668-441-0; 9789666684410.
The book contains interesting observations about the author's childhood, adolescence, military service in the Austro-Hungarian army, events in Halychy...

SHramchenko S.
Ivano-Frankivs'k: 2018. ISBN 978-966-668-442-7; 9789666684427.
In this collection of articles and memoirs of prominent Ukrainian Naval Officer Sviatoslav Shramchenko the readers will find answers to questions abou...

Konovalets' IE.
Ivano-Frankivs'k: 2018. ISBN 978-966-668-443-4; 9789666684434.
This book contains many little-known plots of the political history of "Kyiv" Sich Riflemen, their participation in the struggle for power in Kyiv, su...

Hoshko B.
Ivano-Frankivs'k: 2018. ISBN 978-966-668-448-9; 9789666684489.
The novel is a life story about the front, the ATO zone. The real events feature 80 percent, especially the battles and deaths that he had even to dim...

Senyk I.
Brusturiv: 2017. ISBN 978-617-7236-95-4; 9786177236954.
She is an example of the particular Galician phenomenon, when a young girl of the interwar period was brought up in two major schools: the OUN school ...

Pyndus B.
Ternopil': 2018. ISBN 978-966-185-154-1; 9789661851541.

Herman O.
Ternopil': 2017. ISBN 978-966-185-055-1; 9789661850551.
Herman Oleg (1948 -) is a Ukrainian scientist, writer and public figure. He wants to open the panorama of the present through the comparison of eterna...

Tymoshyk M.
Ternopil': 2018.

Andrishko O.
Luts'k: 2018. ISBN 978-617-517-301-5; 9786175173015.
An absurd novel about the modern world.

Bereza B.
Ternopil': 2018. ISBN 978-966-185-126-8; 9789661851268.
This is a continuation of the previous novel - essay, the second book, which, as the author says, was written “to order” ... of his readers.

Zarzhyts'ka E., Riepina O.
Luts'k: 2018. ISBN 978-617-517-292-6; 9786175172926.
Social-psychological novel that describes confrontation of forces of light and darkness in the main square of our country - Maidan.

Kyiko O.
Luts'k: 2018. ISBN 978-617-517-300-8; 9786175173008.
From the award winner of the International literary contest "The Coronation of the Word" (2018).

Gergel' A. O., Daineko V. S.
Lutsk: 2018. ISBN 978-617-517-296-4; 9786175172964.
Pesniary (the Songsters) folk rock group is one of the most significant Soviet bands. It was formed in 1968 (originally as Liavony) in Minsk. Pesniary...

IAkushev V.
Kyiv: 2018. ISBN 978-617-7606-09-2; 9786177606092.
This is a book about the ordinary people who took up arms and went to defend their home.

SHaryi A., SHymov IA.
Kyiv: 2018. ISBN 978-617-7606-07-8; 9786177606078.
The book is devoted to the fate of the Austro-Hungarian Empire a century ago.

ZHukovs'kyi O.
Kyiv: 2018. ISBN 978-966-97763-4-1; 9789669776341.

Hai-Nyzhnyk P.
Kyiv: 2018.

Sikevych V.
Kyiv: 2018. ISBN 978-617-7653-03-4; 9786177653034.
Memoirs of the General of the UNR Army - Volodymyr Sikevych, commander of the group of Donets'k liberators in 1918.

Novoryns'kyi V.
Kyiv: 2018. ISBN 978-617-7023-96-1; 9786177023961.

Kyiv: 2018. ISBN 978-966-378-592-9; 9789663785929.

Kravchenko M.
Kyiv: Mena: 2017. ISBN 978-966-2610-69-7; 9789662610697.

IUrchenko E.
Kyiv: 2018. ISBN 978-617-7701-02-5; 9786177701025.
The collection combines the author's articles on a variety of topics: from the study of traditional religiosity to geopolitics, from understanding the...

Kyiv: 2018.

Anan'iev V.
Kyiv: 2018. ISBN 978-966-194-299-7; 9789661942997.
The first alive book about the war in the East of Ukraine.

Nadtoka H.M., Horpynchenko I.V.
Kyiv: 2018.
The monograph features the process of raising knowledge on the history of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine in the second half of the XIXth century.

Kyriiak I.
Kyiv: 2018. ISBN 978-966-7742-20-01; 97896677422001.
For the first time in Ukraine, after almost 85 years, unique trilogy "Sons of the Earth" came out. It is comprehensive artistic and literary descripti...

KHorunzhii V.
Kiev: 2018. ISBN 978-617-7560-87-5; 9786177560875.
Young Jennyfer Parker, whose parents died in a car accident, is pursued by horrible visions, she gets into a psychiatric hospital. But treatment does...

Strakhov S.
Kiev: 2017. ISBN 978-617-7540-39-4; 9786177540394.
The author, a Kyivan to the marrow of his bones, reveals in his book the unknown pages of the recent history of his native city.

Kazhdoian A.
Kiev: 2017. ISBN 978-617-7560-90-5; 9786177560905.
The story features combination of unrelated thoughts and fantasies from the diary of a certain girl which was found in a backpack at the time of the r...
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