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SHaretskii S.G.
Minsk: 1995. ISBN 985-6264-01-4.
Reports, speeches, articles by S. Sharetski, former head of the Agrarian Party of Belarus, a Belarusian opposition politician who was recognized in Eu...
$6.00  Special price: 2.00

Zorin G.
Toma 1, 2: Grodno: 1994.
Using of heuristic concepts in crime detection. Book is written by G. Zorin, a well-known specialist, professor, Doctor of Jurisprudence.
$6.00   Special price:

Antanevich A. V.
Minsk: 1994. ISBN 5-338-01096-8.
Dictionary included foreign music terms with translation into the Belarusian language.
$6.00  Special price: 2.00

Tikhinia V. G.
Minsk: 1995. ISBN 985-6194-18-0.
This work by V. Tikhinia, the Chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Belarus, describes building and development of the law-based sta...
$8.00  Special price: 3.00

Luzhanin M.
Tom 1, 2: Minsk: 1993. ISBN 5-340-00786-5; 5-340-00786-3; 5-340-00787-1.
Selected works of M. Luzhanin, the winner of Yakub Kolas Literature Prize: poetry, essays, a novel.
$12.00   Special price: 8.00

Kuz'min S.V. (ed.).
Minsk: 1992. ISBN 5-85700-087-4.
$8.00  Special price: 3.00

Nenadavets A.
Minsk: 1993. ISBN 5-338-00908-0.
A collection of articles on the new facts about the history of paganism in Belarus.
$9.00  Special price: 2.00

Minsk: 1996.
An edition prepared by the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Belarus including a review of the state of constitutional legality in RB in 1995.
$7.00  Special price: 1.00

Saverchanka I.
Minsk: 1993. ISBN 5-7855-0708-0.
Perfectly printed book about the famous philosopher, writer, and theologian Symon Budny (1530-1593).
$10.00  Special price: 3.00

Mensk: 1993.
Program of the BPF - the most influential party in Belarusian national politics.
$6.00  Special price: 1.00

Loban M., Sudnіk M.
Mіnsk: 1990. ISBN 5-341-00373-X.
The orthographic dictionary of the Belarusian language includes about 15,000 words with the most difficult spelling.
$10.00  Special price: 2.00

Kas`ko U.
Minsk: 1997. ISBN 985-09-0143-8.
The biography and description of works of Serzhputouski Aliaksandr (1864-1940), prominent ethnographist, researcher of local folklore. Most of the mat...
$3.00  Special price: 2.00

Rerikh N.
Minsk: 1991. ISBN 5-7855-0602-5.
Reprint (Riga, 1924) of work of the famous Russian philosopher, writer, artist N. Rerikh.
$9.00  Special price: 2.00

Rerikh N.
Minsk: 1991. ISBN 5-7855-0579-7.
Reprint (New York, 1929) of work of N.Rerikh, the famous Russian philosopher, writer, artist
$9.00  Special price: 1.00

Valodzina T.V.
Minsk: 1997. ISBN 985-08-0033-X.
The edition is devoted to examination of Belarusian seasonal agricultural works accompanied by traditional rites, customs, folklore songs, etc. It imm...
$8.00  Special price: 2.00

Fiadosik A. (ed.).
Minsk: 1997. ISBN 985-08-0050-X.
Jan Czeczot and brothers Tyszkiewicz learned the Belarusian songs, riddles, tales and wedding traditions paying special attention to peculiar features...
$9.00  Special price: 3.00

CHarkazian H.
Minsk: 1994. ISBN 985-02-0113-4.
Hanad Charkazian, Kurd by origin, wrote in two languages, the Belarusian and Russian ones. Translated from Kurdish.
$9.00  Special price: 2.00

Haretski R.
Minsk: 1998. ISBN 985-08-0070-4.
The book contains information about life and activity of the Haretski brothers, well-known representatives of the national Renaissance in Belarus. The...
$9.00  Special price: 3.00

Vypusk 2: Minsk: 1993. ISBN 5-340-00854-1.
Review of works and activity of the well-known figures of the Belarusian science and culture such as Lastovskii, Liosik, Ignatovskii, Ulashchyk.The bo...
$12.50  Special price: 4

Sodal` U.
Minsk: 1994. ISBN 5-345-00714-4.
The book is about a small village where the famous Belarusian writer Yanka Kupala started his creative work.
$10.00  Special price: 2

Mensk: 1998. ISBN 985-6012-58-9.
This catalog includes titles and annotations of all independent Byelorussian editions which have been established on the wave of the revival of Belaru...
$18.00  Special price: 3.00

Kniha 9: Minsk: 1998.
The materials of the book add new important features to the description of live and activities of Frantzisk Skaryna and describe traditions of the boo...
$12.00  Special price: 3.00

Minsk: 1990. ISBN 5-340-00254-3.
$6.00  Special price: 2.00

Minsk: 1995. ISBN 985-11-0011-0.
The complete enumeration and short description of all monuments and cemeteries on the territory of Belarus, where solders, partizans, members of under...
$40.00  Special price: 12.00

Skorabahatau V.
 1998. ISBN 985-6234-59-X.
The spiritual musical heritage of Belarus includes the names and literary heritage not only of such well-known musicians and composers as S. Maniushka...
$10.00  Special price: 2.00

Bahdanovich I., Hnilamedau U., Holubeva L. et al.
Minsk: 1998. ISBN 985-06-0304-6.
The authors thoroughly trace the development of the new Belarusian literature taking into consideration the specific character and peculiarities of Be...
$9.00  Special price: 4.00

CHarkazian G.
Minsk: 1999. ISBN 985-02-04133.
The prose book by the famous poet Ganad Charkazian acquiants with little known pages of Kurd national history, culture and spiritual life.
$8.00  Special price: 2.00

KHadyka IU.
Mahiliou: 1993.
The edition presents Iu.Hadykas works concerning the historical and cultural foundation of modern Byelorussian political conception.
$8.00  Special price: 1.00

Gerasiuk I.
Minsk: 1994. ISBN 985-6061-01-6.
The book of the well-known Byelorussian journalist I.Gerasiuk.
$11.00  Special price: 1.00

Lastouski V.
Mensk: 1991.
The book by the famous researcher of Belarussian culture, publicist and translator V.Lastouski presents his opinion about what every Byelorussian shou...
$7.00  Special price: 1.00
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