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Pasatsova Z.
Bishkek: 2020. ISBN 978-9967-29-256-7; 9789967292567.
A feature of her works is the creation of Kyrgyz female images. The inner world of Kyrgyz women, their tolerance, generosity, motherly love and the st...
Osobennost'iu ee proizvedenii — sozdanie kyrgyzskikh zhenskikh obrazov . Vnutrennii mir kyrgyzskikh zhenshchin, ikh terpimost', velikodushie, materinskaia liubov' ...

Bishkek: 2020. ISBN 978-9967-08-856-6; 9789967088566.

Dyikanbaeva B.
Bishkek: 2020. ISBN 978-9967-15-973-0; 9789967159730.
The book is dedicated to Isak uulu Telemish and Riskul uulu Matis.
Kniga posviashchenna Isak uulu Telemishu i Ryskulu uulu Matis

Bezborodova O.
Bishkek: 2020. ISBN 978-9967-9224-4-0; 9789967922440.
The history of migrants in Kyrgyzstan, about their contribution to the development of culture and science of the republic.
Istoriia pereselentsev v Kyrgyzstane, ob ikh vklade v razvitie kul'tury i nauki respubliki.

ZHanyl Abdyldabek kyzy.
Bishkek: 2020. ISBN 978-9967-15-969-3; 9789967159693.
The book is dedicated to one of the key figures in the history of Kyrgyzstan - Shabdan Baatyr (1840-1912). From his desicion depended how and with who...
Kniga posviashchena odnoi iz kliuchevykh figur istorii Kyrgyzstana- SHabdan Baatyr (1840-1912gg). Ot ego reshenii zaviselo, kakim putem, v kakom sostave i s ke...

Bishkek: 2020. ISBN 978-9967-29-260-4; 9789967292604.

Murzapar Uson al'-Mervani.
Bishkek: 2020. ISBN 978-9967-29-265-9; 9789967292659.
A novel.

Sydykbekov T.
1: Bishkek: 2020. ISBN 978-9967-9199-6-9; 9789967919969.
The book is dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the national write- Tugolbay Sydykbekov.

Bishkek: 2019. ISBN 978-9967-19-659-9; 9789967196599.

Aleksandrov V.
Bishkek: 2019. ISBN 978-9967-455-61-0; 9789967455610.
The author shares his rich experience in expeditions to the Asian mountains.
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