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9 dyskiv: Kyiv
One of the largest in the world collections of phonographic records of the Jewish musical folklore is stored at the Institute of the Manuscript of Ver...

Orlova IU.
Kiev: 2014. ISBN 978-966-8910-86-9.
The book written by Kiev resident Yulia Orlova - a member of the revolutionary events features a synopsis of historical events for the period of three...

SHevchuk T.
Kyiv: 2017. ISBN 978-617-7310-07-4; 9786177310074.
The publication contains folkloristic intelligence materials about the peculiarities of the functioning of the Ukrainian oral dream interpretation tra...

Senyk I.
Brusturiv: 2017. ISBN 978-617-7236-95-4; 9786177236954.
She is an example of the particular Galician phenomenon, when a young girl of the interwar period was brought up in two major schools: the OUN school ...

Herman O.
Ternopil': 2017. ISBN 978-966-185-055-1; 9789661850551.
Herman Oleg (1948 -) is a Ukrainian scientist, writer and public figure. He wants to open the panorama of the present through the comparison of eterna...

Kravchenko M.
Kyiv: Mena: 2017. ISBN 978-966-2610-69-7; 9789662610697.

Strakhov S.
Kiev: 2017. ISBN 978-617-7540-39-4; 9786177540394.
The author, a Kyivan to the marrow of his bones, reveals in his book the unknown pages of the recent history of his native city.

Kazhdoian A.
Kiev: 2017. ISBN 978-617-7560-90-5; 9786177560905.
The story features combination of unrelated thoughts and fantasies from the diary of a certain girl which was found in a backpack at the time of the r...

Rafeenko V.
KHar'kov: 2017. ISBN 978-617-09-3211-2; 9786170932112.
Collection of short stories.

Vinokurov A.
KHar'kov: 2017. ISBN 978-617-09-3141-2; 9786170931412.
The events in the novel take place simultaneously in various temporary "dimensions": the confrontation line between Ukraine and Russia in the Donbass...

Sichkar' M.
KHar'kov: 2017. ISBN 978-617-69-09-96-5; 9786176909965.
The main component of the frank and real stories told in this book is feelings: they arise in our life every second.

Nazymko IE. S.
KHarkiv: 2017. ISBN 978-617-7679-04-1; 9786177679041.
The book analyzes the main aspects of the relief of juveniles from punishment and serving punishment in Ukraine and Poland.

ZHolob H., Koval' I., Stasiuk A.
Vypusk 2: Ivano-Frankivs': 2018. ISBN 978-966-668-445-8; 9789666684458.

Kokotiukha A.
Ternopil': 2018. ISBN 978-966-10-5491-1; 9789661054911.
Detective novel.

Kononenko V. P.
Kyiv: 2018.
The monograph analyzes the practice of the UN International Court of Justice on territorial disputes, examines the concept of judicial precedent at di...

Laiuk M.
Kyiv: 2018. ISBN 978-617-585-146-3; 9786175851463.
The anthology presents selected poems by more than 70 most notable young Ukrainian poets, whose creative path (with few exceptions) began in the third...

Stetsyk V.
Kyiv: 2018. ISBN 978-617-7173-90-7; 9786177173907.
The author frankly speaks of fear, courage, a sense of unity and discord, which are likely to persecute everyone who was involved in the creation of t...

Hubernachuk S.
Kyiv: 2018. ISBN 978-966-136-564-2; 9789661365642.

Hnatyshyn O.
L'viv: 2018. ISBN 978-966-941-186-0; 9789669411860.

Drach O.
L'viv: 2018. ISBN 9786177192953.
A novel.

Bondar A.
L'viv: 2018. ISBN 978-617-679-587-2; 9786176795872.
The new collection of small prose by Andrii Bondar, which introduces readers to the weird world of small human adventures.

Ryshtun A.
L'viv: 2018. ISBN 978-966-2626-79-7; 9789662626797.
This is an edition about the journey of a man to the incomprehensible lands of the Carpathian Mountains, dungeons, tourist routes in Ukraine and abroa...

L'viv: 2018. ISBN 978-966-658-416-1; 9789666584161.
The collection includes the pastoral letters of Kyr Iosyf Slipyi and his correspondence with the sisters of Mercy from the period of his exile in the ...

Laiuk M.
L'viv: 2018. ISBN 978-617-679-575-9; 9786176795759.
The author of the book is a prose writer, poet, PhD in philosophy and literature (His debut novel, "Bubernia" (2016), entered the final of the BBC Boo...

L'viv: 2018. ISBN 978-617-679-651-0; 9786176796510.
In this collection of essays famous Ukrainian intellectuals -historians, politicians, journalists, religious and public figures share their views on U...

L'viv: 2018. ISBN 978-617-679-643-5; 9786176796435.
Collection of short prose by modern Ukrainian writers.

Serniak L.
L'viv: 2018. ISBN 978-617-679-591-9; 9786176795919.
Collection of poetry about moving ahead by young talented author.

Obertailo H.
L'viv: 2018. ISBN 978-966-97746-0-6; 9789669774606.
The author of the book is a participant of ATO Volodymyr Brun'kovsky (pseudonym Gregory Obertailo). It is a front-line story, which shows the problems...

Salo O-R.
L'viv: 2018. ISBN 978-617-629-472; 978617629472.

Omel'ianovych-Pavlenko M.
Ivano-Frankivs'k: 2018. ISBN 978-966-668-440-3; 9789666684403.

Tarnavs'kyi M.
Ivano-Frankivs'k: 2018. ISBN 978-966-668-441-0; 9789666684410.
The book contains interesting observations about the author's childhood, adolescence, military service in the Austro-Hungarian army, events in Halychy...

SHramchenko S.
Ivano-Frankivs'k: 2018. ISBN 978-966-668-442-7; 9789666684427.
In this collection of articles and memoirs of prominent Ukrainian Naval Officer Sviatoslav Shramchenko the readers will find answers to questions abou...

Konovalets' IE.
Ivano-Frankivs'k: 2018. ISBN 978-966-668-443-4; 9789666684434.
This book contains many little-known plots of the political history of "Kyiv" Sich Riflemen, their participation in the struggle for power in Kyiv, su...

Pyndus B.
Ternopil': 2018. ISBN 978-966-185-154-1; 9789661851541.

Tymoshyk M.
Ternopil': 2018.

Andrishko O.
Luts'k: 2018. ISBN 978-617-517-301-5; 9786175173015.
An absurd novel about the modern world.

Bereza B.
Ternopil': 2018. ISBN 978-966-185-126-8; 9789661851268.
This is a continuation of the previous novel - essay, the second book, which, as the author says, was written “to order” ... of his readers.

Zarzhyts'ka E., Riepina O.
Luts'k: 2018. ISBN 978-617-517-292-6; 9786175172926.
Social-psychological novel that describes confrontation of forces of light and darkness in the main square of our country - Maidan.

Kyiko O.
Luts'k: 2018. ISBN 978-617-517-300-8; 9786175173008.
From the award winner of the International literary contest "The Coronation of the Word" (2018).

IAkushev V.
Kyiv: 2018. ISBN 978-617-7606-09-2; 9786177606092.
This is a book about the ordinary people who took up arms and went to defend their home.
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