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Aschwanden H.
Harare: 1989. ISBN 9780869224502.
Newly reissued, this remains a rare work on the systems of interpretation and meaning, mythological traditions and realities of the Karanga people in ...

Maurice Taonezvi Vambe.
Gweru, Zimbabwe: 2001. ISBN 9780869227640.
This book traces how black people's culture - ideas, beliefs and struggles - has expressed itself through song theatre, poetry, film, TV, and other or...

Chiwome, Emmanuel M.
Harare: 2002. ISBN 9780869227657.
Shona literature now comprises 85% of literature published for schools in Zimbabwe, an indication of its significance for the understanding of the phi...

Irene Staunton.
Harare, Zimbabwe: 2003. ISBN 9781779220189.
2004 Caine Prize was awarded to the short story Seventh Street Alchemy by Brian Chikawava. The story is in this anthology, Writing Still. The Caine Pr...

Foluke Ogunleye.
Swaziland: 2003. ISBN 9780797829312.
This book considers the current state and status of the video film in different parts of Africa: Nigeria, Ghana, Lesotho, and Congo Kinshasa. It addre...

Celia Winter-Irving.
Gweru: 2004. ISBN 9780869227817.
This is a comprehensive textbook on Zimbabwean labour law. After detailing the history and purpose of the law, it offers a comprehensive review of con...

Doreen Sibanda.
Avondale, Harare, Zimbabwe: 2004. ISBN 9781779220301.
Zimbabwean sculpture continues to be one of Africa's most original and internationally acclaimed artistic movements. This retrospective reflects on th...

Irene Staunton.
Harare, Zimbabwe: 2005. ISBN 9781779220431.
The sequel to the award-winning Writing Still, this new collection of stories paints an engaging - and sometimes challenging - picture of contemporary...

Yvonne Vera.
Avondale, Harare: 2011. ISBN 9781779221421.
The Stone Virgins, now translated here into Ndebele is an extraordinary and beautiful novel which reflects the graceful courage of Vera's work. It is ...

Kawengo Samachai.
Gweru: 2012. ISBN 9780797443921.
Tanyaradzwa, who because of his love for a beautiful young woman, Nadia, is unknowingly recruited into a secret sect of incubi. Nadia is sent away fro...
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