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Arkadi Zeltser.
Jerusalem: 2018. ISBN 978-965-308-573-2.
The book examines the connection between the memory of the Holocaust in the USSR and the ethnic identity of Soviet Jews, and describes the grassroots ...

Tadeusz Zaderecki, David Kahana, et al.
Jerusalem: 2018. ISBN 978-965-308-579-4.
Shortly after the German Army took Lwow in the summer of 1941, Tadeusz Zaderecki began documenting the increasing persecution of local Jews. As a non-...

Ruth Minsky Sender, Rebecca Wolpe.
Jerusalem: 2018. ISBN 978-965-308-563-3.
The poems were written in the Nazi slave labor camp in Mittelsteine, Germany. The author wrote them in little notebooks while hiding in her bunk. Ever...

Emilie Roi, Miriam Arad.
Jerusalem: 2018. ISBN 978-965-308-547-3.
Maya’s family had lived in Denmark for many generations, and they were the only Jews in a small, sleepy village outside Copenhagen. Maya tells us abou...

Vivian Uria.
Jerusalem: 2018. ISBN 978-965-308-559-6.
This exhibition presents visual documentation of the Holocaust from three perspectives: the Germans, the Jewish victims, and the liberators, while emp...

Vivian Uria.
Jerusalem: 2018. ISBN 978-965-308-572-5.
The exhibition presents the longings for Eretz Israel felt by Jews from the rise of the Nazi party to power in Germany, through the outbreak of Worl...

Jerusalem: 2018. ISBN 978-965-308-560-2.

Frenkel' V.
Ierusalim: 2018.

Podol'skii B.
Ierusalim: 2018.

Pinchas Bar-Efrat.
Jerusalem: 2017. ISBN 978-965-308-526-8.
The book examines the attitude of the Dutch authorities toward the Jews during the Nazi occupation and particularly that of the directors of the vario...
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