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ZHolmukhamedova L.
Bishkek: 1995.
Political essays drawn and inspired by the present-day people's life in Kyrgyzstan, meditation about the future.
$15.00  Special price: $3.00

Kiizbaev B.
Bishkek: 1995.
Fiction, full of humaneness and sincerity, sensible analytical articles meditating on the future of Kyrgyzstan and post-Soviet reality, passionate phi...
$17.00  Special price: $3.00

Koichuev T.
Bishkek: 1992. ISBN 5-655-00895-5.
The book deals with questions of realization of the economic reform in Kyrgyzstan. The situation in the economy of the country is analyzed in detail. ...
$10.00  Special price: $5.00

Uulu O.K.
Bishkek: 1994.

Usubaliev T.U.
Issue 3: Bishkek: 1992.
On the basis of concrete materials and facts the present edition tells the story of long and uncompromising struggle against corruption. A big group o...
$9.00  Special price: $1.00

Koichuev T., Ploskikh V.
Bishkek: 1993.
Kyrgyz scientists share their ideas and hopes on introducing new currency in Kyrgyzstan, its artistic design and paleographic display.
$6.00  Special price: $2.00

Bishkek: 2018. ISBN 978-9967-26-641-4; 9789967266414.
This statistical collection enlists the main data on the accounts in manufacturing industries, educational sphere, distribution of expenses in differe...

Sologubov V.
Bishkek: 2018. ISBN 978-9967-9111-5-4; 9789967911154.
The author, with his characteristic irony, talks about his adventures at a music competition in Bishkek and at the casting of the project “The Voice” ...

Amanova R.A.
Bishkek: 2018. ISBN 978-9967-9097-6-2; 9789967909762.
The book is devoted to the folk-professional song art of the Kyrgyz, which is considered for the first time in the musicology of Kyrgyzstan as an inde...

Bikbulatova A.R.
Bishkek: 2018. ISBN 978-9967-32-307-0; 9789967323070.
The monograph presents the materials of the study on the history of the Tatar Diaspora in Kyrgyzstan, the dynamics of population and settlement. Quest...
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