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Barbara Engelking.
Jerusalem: 2016. ISBN 978-965-308-541-1.
This study sheds light on the struggle of the Jews who escaped to the Polish countryside. Many of them encountered a hostile environment and in cases ...

Shmuel Refael.
Volume 21: Jerusalem: 2015. ISBN 978-965-308-491-9.
In English and Ladino. This 30-page tract in Ladino contains a hitherto unknown and surprising...

Yehuda Bauer.
Jerusalem: 2017. ISBN 978-965-308-539-8.
This paper is an exploration into whether the West, and specifically the US, could have prevented the genocide of the Jews in World War II. It deals w...

Ulrich Herbert.
Volume 22: Jerusalem: 2015. ISBN 978-965-308-509-1.
The National-Socialist state developed a dichotomy between different sections of German society. The current essay discusses the relationship between ...

Mark Roseman.
Volume 24: Jerusalem: 2016. ISBN 978-965-308-529-9.
This essay seeks to explore German Jews’ understanding of the perpetrators as part of the efforts to write a more integrated history of the Holocaust,...

Robert Rozett, Iael Nidam-Orvieto.
Jerusalem: 2016. ISBN 978-965-308-523-7.
Written in the immediate aftermath of liberation by Holocaust survivors and soldiers, these letters reflect the mixed emotions of the survivors – the ...

Arkadi Zeltser.
Jerusalem: 2016. ISBN 978-965-308-525-1.
The 100 letters presented in the book provide a unique insight into the multi-faceted Jewish life on the soil of the Soviet Union during the years of ...

Hersz Fogel, Helene Julia Sinnreich.
Jerusalem: 2015. ISBN 978-965-308-500-8.
The diary of Heniek (Hersz) Fogel was written in the Lodz Ghetto during the Holocaust. Through those difficult days, Hersz recorded some of the most h...

Beni Virtzberg.
Jerusalem: 2017. ISBN 978-965-308-535-0.
When Beni Virtzberg was 9 years old, Kristallnacht destroyed his carefree childhood in his home town of Hamburg. His parents decided to escape the inc...

Andrew Burian.
Jerusalem: 2016. ISBN 978-965-308-517-6.
A sheltered boy from the small town of Bustina (then Czechoslovakia), Andrew led a carefree childhood, but at the age of thirteen his world was shatte...
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