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Buikis A.
Riga: 2001. ISBN 9984-592-58-8.
The boundaries between the scientific and the esoteric disappear in the book by A. Buitis, Doctor of Math. Guided by the latest scientific discoveries...
$21.00  Special price: $4.00

Kuzina A.
Riga: 2020. ISBN 9789984313047.
The dictionary summarizes the words, personal names and place names used in the writer's literary works, gives explanations and examples of the meanin...

sneps- sneppe M.
Riga: 2020. ISBN 9789984314846.

Vilmane N.
Riga: 2019. ISBN 9789984311968.
The village of Varpas has not disappeared from the map of Brazil today, even though its population is small, most (including Latvian descendants) spea...

Riga: 2018. ISBN 9789984311845.
The book is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Riga Latvian Society. There are three major stages in the history of Riga Latvian Society - up t...

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