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Alimova B.M.
Makhachkala: 2005.
The book summarizes extensive printed and field materials, which illuminate food culture of the Turkic-speaking peoples of Dagestan in the light of th...

Arslanov V.G.
SPb.: 2020. ISBN 978-5-93615-228-3.
Pochemu pogasli zerkala iskusstva v nashe vremia? Potomu chto bog umer, zlo vsesil'no i nepronitsaemo — ono gasit soznanie, iavliaias' v ustrashaiushche-irratsional...

Henrik Ellert, Dennis Malcolm Anderson.
Harare: 2020. ISBN 9781779223739.
A Brutal State of Affairs analyses the transition from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe and challenges Rhodesian mythology. The story of the BSAP, where white and...

Chidi Ugwu, Christian O. Agbo, Chuu Krydz Ikwuemesi.
Glienicke: 2019. ISBN 9783962030667.
This book is the outcome of a major conference initiated and organized at University of Nigeria, Nsukka in 2013 by Society for Research and Promotion ...

CHaikovskaia I.
M.: 2020. ISBN 978-5-8291-3722-9.
Kniga Iriny CHaikovskoi rasskazyvaet o tekh, kto v dalekoi Amerike zaniat russkoi kul'turoi, prichem na raznykh poprishchakh — v literature, teatre, kino, muzy...

Zolian S.
M.: 2020. ISBN 978-5-907290-04-4.
Lotmanovskoskoe nasledie mozhet dat' impul's printsipial'no novym trans-distsiplinarnym napravleniiam issledovanii. Sovmeshchenie ipostasei istorika russkoi ...

Devid-Foks M.
M.: 2020. ISBN 978-5-4448-1214-3.
Byl li sovetskii stroi unikal'nym iavleniem dlia XX veka ili ego revoliutsionnaia novizna sil'no preuvelichena? Byl li SSSR, nesmotria na vse ekstsessy kommun...

V. Tarikhu Farrar.
Lanham, Maryland: 2020. ISBN 9781793606426.
The idea of an inherent backwardness of technology and material culture in early sub-Saharan Africa is a persistent and tenacious myth in the scholarl...

Daniel A. Frese.
Leiden: 2020. ISBN 9789004416666.
In The City Gate in Ancient Israel and Her Neighbors, Daniel A. Frese provides a wide-ranging portrayal of one of the most prominent social institutio...

Manoim Irwin.
Cape Town: 2020. ISBN 9781775822646.
Mavericks Inside the Tent look at the progressive Jewish movement in South Africa and its impact on the wider community. One of the most striking omis...
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