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Turlai I.
Minsk: 2020. ISBN 978-5-4498-2401-1.
A new book by the best-selling author Minsk is the City of Stalin and Lesson from the Father of the Nations of Stalin and Father Lukashenko. Why did ...
Novaia knèha avtora bestsellerov «Mènsk — horod Stalèna» è «Urok ottsa narodov Stalèna è bat'kè Lukashenko». Pochemu raspalsia Sovetskèi Soiuz è kak ne dop...

Gavin T.
Belastok: 2018. ISBN 978-83-64474-08-8, 978-83-64474-09-5.
This work is an in-depth attempt to answer the question: why did Soviet party and administrative bodies actively develop Polish education and culture ...
Nastoiaùaia rabota iavliaetsia uhlublennoi popytkoi otveta na vopros: pochemu sovetskèe partèinye è admènèstratèvnye orhany v dvadtsatye è do seredèny trèdtsa...

Gavrilovich V.N.
Mozyr': 2019. ISBN 978-985-7156-29-0.
The book tells about the formation, today and prospects of development of one of the oldest trade union organizations of education and science of the ...
Knèha rasskazyvaet o stanovlenèè, sehodniashnem dne è perspektèvakh razvètèia odnoi èz stareishèkh profsoiuznykh orhanèzatsèi obrazovanèia è naukè Homel'ùèny.

IAnas, Karol.
Ch.: 2019. ISBN 9789975149785.

Minsk: 2019.

Olufemi Olayinka Oluniyi.
Nigeria: 2017. ISBN 9789789495276.
In this book, Dr. Olufemi Oluniyi takes a fresh look at Muslim-Christian violence which has become synonymous with the name of Northern Nigeria. It is...

Lazare Ki-Zerbo, Jean-Jacques N. Sene.
Dakar: 2016. ISBN 9782869785854.
Voici un livre majeur, un labeur collectif qui exhume les fondements historiques et qui scrute les perspectives futures de l’une des plus grandes av...

Basheer M. Nafi.
South Africa: 2017. ISBN 9780994682536.
Today’s Islamists are not a reproduction of an ancient legacy, but are modern political actors defined by modern discourses, argues Basheer Nafiin The...

Daryl Glaser.
Johannesburg: 2010. ISBN 9781868145027.
For nearly 10 years—indeed more if we include his period of influence under Mandela’s presidency—Thabo Mbeki bestrode South Africa’s political stage. ...

Derica Lambrechts, Pieter Fourie.
Stellenbosch: 2017. ISBN 978-1-928357-33-9.
This book makes an important original conceptual and theoretical contribution to our understanding of modern state development, the role of the state,...
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