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Minsk: 2001. ISBN 985-6580-20-X.
It aims at stimulating capital investment, government support, and protecting the investors.
$14.00  Special price: $2.00

Minsk: 2001. ISBN 985-6580-21-8.
This is the first edition including both Belarusian and international standard acts and legal documents on criminal investigation activity. Special at...

Perkin N.S.
Minsk: 2013. ISBN 978-985-6937-77-7.
The book is based on the recollections of partisan Naum Perkin (1912-1976). The material is given without embellishment and idealization.

Uil'son L.
Minsk: 2015. ISBN 978-985-7097-26-8.
Translated from English.
Translated from English.

Graff K.
Minsk: 2016. ISBN 978-985-7097-33-3; 9789857097333.
The main heroes emigrate from Russia to Germany in pursuit of a decent life, they are looking for their "place under the sun". They are in various com...
Nashè heroè s radost'iu emèhrèrovalè èz Rossèè v Hermanèiu è teper' v pohone za dostoinoi zhèzn'iu èùut svoe "mesto pod solntsem", podyskèvaia zaniatèe po vku...

Minsk: 2017. ISBN 978-985-7097-53-1.
This Code establishes a system of taxes, fees (duties) levied in republican and (or) local budgets, the basic principles of taxation in Republic of B...
Nastoiaùèi Kodeks ustanavlèvaet sèstemu nalohov, sborov (poshlèn), vzèmaemykh v respublèkanskèi è (èlè) mestnye biudzhety, osnovnye prèntsèpy nalohooblozhen...

Semeniuk IU.I.
Minsk: 2018. ISBN 978-985-7097-90-6.

Falaleeva T.A. (ed.).
Minsk: 2019. ISBN 978-985-7215-20-1.
Wide range of toponymy, ethnography, archeology, folklore, mythology issues.

Malishevskii N.N. (comp.).
Minsk: 2020. ISBN 978-985-7215-24-9.
Thanks to this publication, readers have the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of "white" Russian officers, famous and little-known poets of...
Blahodaria etomu èzdanèiu chètatelè èmeiut vozmozhnost' poznakomèt'sia s tvorchestvom «belykh» russkèkh ofètserov, èzvestnykh è maloèzvestnykh poetov russkoho zar...

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