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Nikodimova A.A.
Tver': 2018. ISBN 978-5-6040897-2-9.
This monograph is the first experience in studying the miscellany "Rural Reading", which V.F. Odoevsky published together with A.P. Zablotsky-Desyatov...
Dannaia monografiia — pervyi opyt izucheniia al'manakha «Sel'skoe chtenie», kotoryi V.F. Odoevskii izdaval sovmestno s A. P. Zablotskim-Desiatovskim v 1840-kh ...

Vypusk 7: Tver': 2019. ISBN 978-5-6040897-5-0.
The publication includes articles and reports on the analysis of the plot potential of time in literature and art.
V izdanie vkliucheny stat'i i soobshcheniia, posviashchennye analizu siuzhetnogo potentsiala vremeni v literature i iskusstve. V tsentre vnimaniia uchastnikov proekta...

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