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SHutko O.
Knyha 3: Ternopil': 2019. ISBN 978-966-10-5893-3; 9789661058933.

Zakhvataev V. N.
Kniga pervaia: Kiev: 2019. ISBN 978-617-566-504-6; 9786175665046.

Sementovskii N.
Simferopol': 2019. ISBN 9785950057533.
Writer, publicist, whose interests were connected with history, ethnography, archeology, Nikolai Sementovskii shares his impressions of the Crimean tr...

Kurylyshyn K.
Tom 5: Drohobych: 2019.

Matkovs'kyi I.
L'viv: 2019.

Andrusiak I.
Tom 1: Ternopil': 2019. ISBN 978-966-10-5639-7; 9789661056397.
The first volume of selected works by famous poet and children's writer Ivan Andrusiak includes works addressed to adult readers. Three poetic section...

Andrusiak I.
Tom 2: Ternopil': 2019. ISBN 978-966-10-5640-3; 9789661056403.
The second volume of selected works by famous poet and children's writer Ivan Andrusiak includes works addressed to children - poetry, plays and stor...

Hrudniak S.
Luts'k: 2019. ISBN 978-617-7680-13-9; 9786177680139.
In this book the author investigates the history of football development in Volhyn' region - within then existing Volyn' Voivodship of II Rzeczpospoli...

Levchenko K.
KHarkiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-03-7876-6; 9789660378766.
The book is dedicated to the history of gender policy in Ukraine since the establishment of the independent Ukrainian state. It reveals conceptual, le...

Kul'chyts'kyi C., IAkubova L.
Kyiv: 2019. ISBN 978-617-7023-80-6; 9786177023806.
The book highlights the historical, economic background, internal and external causes of formation of the Crimean knot, and also outlines possible sce...

Ovsiienko V.
Kyiv: 2019. ISBN 978-617-7023-85-1; 9786177023851.
The publication is devoted to the 70th anniversary of Vasyl Ovsienko, a public figure, publicist, historian of the dissident movement, a prisoner of c...

Hrushevs'kyi M.
Kyiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-948-157-3; 9789669481573.
This unique book, written by prominent Ukrainian scholar, writer and political figure Mykhailo Hrushevs'kyi in brief and comprehensible way, in very c...

CHemerys V.
KHarkiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-03-7867-4; 9789660378674.
The author writes about the Hetmanate - in the eighteenth century it was the name of Left-Bank Ukraine together with Kyiv. When Hetman Mazepa come dow...

Tykhyi S.
Kyiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-281-129-2; 9789662811292.
We will definitively win when we change the mental code of the nation, when we become the people of the winners. Any war burns out in the souls. Ukrai...

Pashko O. (ed.).
Kyiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-378-605-6; 9789663786056.
The collection includes the texts of the reports of the participants of the conference, which was held at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Kyi...

Tom 5: Simferopol': 2019. ISBN 978-5-6042621-2-2; 9785604262122.
Ocherednoi vûpusk sbornyka statei "Krûm v sarmatskuiu ýpokhu". CHytately sbornyka poznakomiatsia s dokladamy X konferentsyy "Problemû sarmatskoi arkheolohyy y...

Kas'ianov H.
Kyiv: 2019. ISBN 978-617-7023-82-0; 9786177023820.
Opposition of intellectual elite of the Ukrainian society to Communist Administration in 1960-1980: political movements, repressions, samizdat literat...

Soroka IU.
KHarkiv: 2019. ISBN 978-966-03-8460-6; 9789660384606.
This book is an attempt to combine the most important moments of our historical heritage under one cover and demonstrate that, in spite of everything,...

Kovalevs'ka O.
Kyiv: 2019. ISBN 978-617-7023-86-8; 9786177023868.
The publication contains ten essays on the history of the ancient and modern iconography of well-known Ukrainian hetmans, colonels, sotniks and their ...

Iokhanan Petrovs'kyi-SHtern.
Kyiv: 2019.
The detailed and comprehensive analysis convincingly depicts completely unexpected new history of the shtetl since its peak, declaring and analyzing t...
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