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Rubenchik B.
SPb.: 2004. ISBN 5-89329-709-1.
Original memoirs, devoted to the history of one family in the course of the XXth century, narrate about the city (Odessa), where one of the creators o...
$20.00  Special price: $10.00

SPb.: 2004. ISBN 5-89329-717-2.
This book traces destinies of Dutchmen and Belgians in Russia from the beginning of the XVIIIth till the beginning of the XXth centuries: not only dip...
$27.00  Special price: $13.00

Levit-Broun B.
SPb.: 2003. ISBN 5-89329-504-8.
This is a brilliant and frank novel about a complicated love story with a shade of polygamy. The author however managed to write an apologia to love i...
$32.00  Special price: $16.00

Guchinova E.
SPb.: 2003. ISBN 5-89329-629-X.
The ethnological research is based on the correlation between the ethnics and the power, the business and the beauty categories in post-Soviet Kalmyk ...
$20.00  Special price: $10.00

Korovkin M.
SPb.: 2003. ISBN 5-04-009081-1 .
A novel by the Russian emigrant, professor of social anthropology of communication. The novel is narrated from the part of a Moscow courtesan of Brezh...
$19.00  Special price: $9.00

Sokolov K.B. (ed.).
SPb.: 2004. ISBN 5-89329-598-6 .
The authors of the monograph regard culture as the system, the transformation of which reflects the epochal change of human thinking types. The book o...
$30.00  Special price: $15.00

SHenkman G.S.
SPb.: 2003. ISBN 5-89329-580-3.
The book is devoted to Nikolai Raevsky, Russian General of Cavalry, a hero of the Battle of Borodino of 1812. He began his military service very early...
$19.00  Special price: $6.00

Stepanov D.IU.
SPb.: 2020. ISBN 978-5-00165-010-2.
Predstavlennaia monografiia kasaetsia problemy formirovaniia etnicheskogo samosoznaniia pravoslavnogo obshchestva Rechi Pospolitoi i, v pervuiu ochered', ee elity...

CHaikovskaia I.
SPb.: 2020. ISBN 978-5-00165-055-3.
Kniga Iriny CHaikovskoi posviashchena russkim pisateliam KHIKH veka, ona vossozdaet mir, ne pokhozhii na segodniashnii i odnovremenno ochen' blizkii sovremennomu ch...

Goriunkov S.V.
SPb.: 2020. ISBN 978-5-00165-006-5.
Ozhidanie smeny mirovozzrencheskoi paradigmy, initsiirovannoe v svoio vremia prognozami V. I. Vernadskogo, vitaet nad stranoi uzhe tseloe stoletie. No reshaiushch...
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