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Abdulagatov Z.M. (ed.).
Makhachkala: 2005.
The collection is based on the results of plan sociological surveys of social, social-economic and social-political problems that are topical in the c...
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Dr Kehdinga George Fomunyam .
Stellenbosch: 2019. ISBN 9781928424277.
Conceived within a context of transdisciplinarity and pluriversalism, and in rigorous response to the Eurocentric, globalising and nationalising struc...

Anita Cloete (ed.).
Stellenbosch : 2019. ISBN 9781928480204.
The relationship between the media and religion in a contemporary world is not only obvious, but also complex. In a culture that increasingly focuses ...

Rafik Abdessalem.
South Africa: 2017. ISBN 9780994704818.
In this compelling book, Rafik Abdessalem unpacks two major lines of thought. Firstly, he examines why many Westerners dismiss Islam’s vast intellectu...

Tim Davies (ed.).
South Africa: 2019. ISBN 9781928331957.
It’s been ten years since open data first broke onto the global stage. Over the past decade, thousands of programmes and projects around the world hav...

Horman Chitonge (ed.).
Cameroon: 2019. ISBN 9789956550586.
This book focuses on the work of one of the leading African scholars on the land question and agrarian transformation in Africa—Sam Moyo. It offers a ...

Zamanzima Mazibuko (ed.).
South Africa: 2019. ISBN 9780639995595.
News footage of disease in Africa is a familiar sight. Yet these outbreaks are often presented out of context, with no reference to the conditions tha...

ant'elava n.
t'bilisi: 2019 . ISBN 978-9941-9568-8-1; 9789941956881.
The book examines the customs and traditions of the peoples in the Caucasus in a gender context.

bugaze l.
t'bilisi: 2019. ISBN 978-9941-23-983-0; 9789941239830.
Georgian society through the eyes of a writer. Censorship, issues, the aim to be in the spotlight and so on.

Charlotte Hille.
Volume 43: Leiden, Boston: 2019. ISBN 9789004415478.
Clan societies differ substantially from Western democratic states. Clan societies are based around the extended family. Honour and solidarity are imp...
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